So, if Mike Hopkins phone rings does he answer or send to VM? |

So, if Mike Hopkins phone rings does he answer or send to VM?

Read the Athletic article on Hopkins.
He isn’t coming back.
Coaching in front of his dad is huge to him personally. He isn’t coming back.
He left with class and didn’t publicly rip the screwjob that happened to him.
Hop isn’t coming back here.
Don't see any chance the call is coming until somewhere around March 2022 so hopefully he's ready to pick up at that point.
I'd love to read The Athletic article on it. But everything I've seen here is that he's never coming back.
Since UW is public his contract should be too. It would be interesting to see if his buyout has any exception for SU. I’d bet not.
The Athletic won't put out a piece on the guy wondering why his buddies back east aren't staying up til 1AM to watch his games.
I love Hop as much as the next person and everything he has done for this University but the programs needs a change of ideas and new blood.
Hop can come back at some point. Again, it's the PAC 12 and Seattle, he's at the end of the earth.

But getting the dad, coffee, and Pearl Jam fix is fun.
Are saying Seattle/the west coast is less desireable than Syracuse?
What does that have to do with whether it is a nice place to live?
When the Cascadia Fault ruptures it's game over for Seattle... and they are over due for that to happen. I'd take Syracuse over that any day of the week.
Right now, the syracuse situation is totally different than the one he left just a couple of years ago. At that time, Hop was taking the job from his mentor. At that time, he was replacing a legend. Now, he is coming in on a white horse to save his school. Coming back isn't out of the question. It is a different ball game. On the other hand, I'm not sure Wildhack wants him. I sure hope he doesn't want G-mac

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