So if you are re-starting our offense |

So if you are re-starting our offense


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Aug 26, 2011
We struggle every yr trying to get a Running QB to throw a little or a passing QB who can run a little.

If we were to stick with this heavy RPO set it would seem like there are way more QBs who can run in HS and throw enough to hit the big windows in the style we ran the last 3-4 games.

Would we be more likely to get a high level thrower in here, or a decent runner who can hit bigger windows?

What if we were to find 2-3 Shrader level avg passers who could run enough that we could play play more than 1 a game and keep 2 happy ?

Shrader passing types are not that hard to find.

I think even what we saw the last game worked except SHrader was hurt before and Valari got dinged pretty good running this heavy stuff. But the passing windows were huge and a Healthy Shrader would have been ever harder to stop..

The flip side you dont need dynamic WRs to run this stuff.
First and foremost I want an offensive identity. Until the last 4 games this year we never really had that- at least for the past couple of years. The offense consisted of halfback dives into the middle of the defense, qb keeping on rpo, qb making an athletic play, or airing it out along the sideline. There was never a clear identity in my opinion of what we wanted to establish.

And then recruit to fit that system.
I'd like to see something similar to GT's triple option, they proved it can work in the ACC. It gives defenses fits as they normally don't play against it. I'm probably the only person on the board who likes the triple option though, which is fine.
The biggest issue is the OL. Until we get a group that can give the qb 3-4 seconds we are toast
Burn the RPO playbook.

Until they can figure out how to straight up pass the ball or run the ball, which includes blocking
for those, do not use a game plan that makes it harder on the OL.

I'd rather just have a normal passing attack... that works. Like be good enough to just do things.
The biggest issue is the OL. Until we get a group that can give the qb 3-4 seconds we are toast
There aren't a lot of that quality o-linemen available, and they get paid big NIL money even to be backups.

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