Storrs State fans already want PP fired |

Storrs State fans already want PP fired

They never should have hired him to begin with.

What an awesome parting gift to all of us from Jeff Hathaway.
Because I'm sure coaches are lining up to take his place right now...

I feel bad for P. You wanna talk about bare cupboards and lack of playmakers, our roster looks like the 2000 St Louis Rams by comparison.
LOL, what a surprise. No one here could've predicted this :rolling:
I dont mind P that much but Deleone has to go. That was kind of my opinion when he was at SU, we need to purge Deleone if coach P wont let him go then he can go with him.
Maybe they're tired of having to burn all their TO's 10 minutes into each half due to sideline confusion.
can't say I blame them

many times I was lectured by UConn fans about what a great coach P was and how SU was crazy to let him go - they couldn't wait for him to open up those recruiting pipelines that brought in all the great players from the 90s and only pictured the 1990s offenses and couldn't wait to see all the production after the dull Edsall offenses of late

kept telling them - be careful what you wish for...
The timing of all this the ad and Edsall leaving and PP being hired is just horrible timing for UConn with all the conference shifting that is happening. Add to that the possible probation for hoops and Calhoun being up there in age, the Huskies have an uphill climb on a steep icy hill.
When I opened the link and saw P's picture, I thought it was an article about his arrest and that was his mug shot.
I'm not one to defend P but isn't it a little soon to be calling for his firing? He's only been there a few months. He has a right to run his system with the people he recruits. You can't judge a coach until that happens.

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