Women's Basketball SU 55 at Ga Tech 65: Sun Jan 20, 2 PM


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Aug 15, 2011
Too many quick missed 3s in 2nd half —> too many empty possessions—> too many extra possessions for GT to chip away at lead.
I thought GT let them take the 3s and took their chances they would not have a good shooting day.

One fundamental difference between the men's and women's teams is that with the men, if they are not shooting well from outside, it is highly likely the strategy on offense will change and they will look to attack the paint.

Q's teams just continue to take the first available shot every time down the court, regardless of anything. It is a frenetic, crazy style of play that, when they are shooting well, allows them to play with and beat anyone. If they are not shooting well, they can lose to a bad team. G Tech isn't awful but they aren't very good.

The better team lost Sunday.
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