SU 94 vs Niagara 45: Mon Dec 17, 11 AM |

SU 94 vs Niagara 45: Mon Dec 17, 11 AM

Another great performance. Was lucky to watch at work. I love this team and their style of play. If I was being recruited, I'd want to play for Q. this team is a legit 12 deep, and he lets them all play. the difference between the SU men and Woman is astounding. I am fully converted now. The ladies are my favorite. They are much more fun to watch, especially vs. the plodding men who struggle to score 50 a game. Happy that Englster rebounded from last game, and the doghouse. She really can do a lot of things well. Digna and Amanda are shredding the nets lately. 15 assists from Tiana could've been more if a couple more shots fell. About Lewis, she oozes talent. I like that she lets the game come to her, but it'll happen and she'll drop 20 easy. The two headed center monster is perfect for staying fresh and having 10 fouls to dole out. Tabdi has been a wonderful surprise. Cant wait for Sissoko to return. She is gonna be a special talent.

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