SU Bowl Eligibility 5 Games In |

SU Bowl Eligibility 5 Games In


All Conference
Aug 26, 2011
3 W 2 L

Tulane - Army beat Tulane by 39 points. SU can beat Tulane by 39 points. Check that. Army can convert a 3rd and 1 on the ground. SU by 10: W

4 - 2

WVU - I don't know. I watched them against LSU. Granted it was LSU, but I couldn't see why everybody was so high on them. But, let's go with the conventional wisdom: L

4 - 3

Louisville - Catching them in a rebuilding year: W

5 - 3

UCONN - Back to earth for these guys. Oh yeah! P & D at the helm: W

6 - 3

USF - Same old BJ Daniels. Clobber him and he'll start throwing incompletions & INTs: W

7 - 3

Cincinnati - Collaros & Pead scare the crap out of me: L

7 - 4

Pitt - Fuhgetaboutit. SU isn't beating these guys: L

7 - 5

Key Game - Well, they're all key. But if I had to pick one, it would be USF. Loose that and SU stands to be 6 - 6 and then who knows if we get an invite.
Who knows for every game like Rutgers there will be a game where we beat somebody that surprises us and as Swish says most here will have there Jergens out for Marrone again same people who said he has a low ceiling. I would be surprised to beat both LVille and UCONN on the road, I think we drop one of those, I could see beating USF, Ville, and Cinci, add Tulane, that is 7 wins. Uconn could be a 3-0 game... I still think we can win 8 games where or how they come from I have no idea

Collaros will most likely be beat up at the point we play them, he takes a ton of hits
6-6 though not a good record prob gets us to the Beef-o-brady's bowl.. Against a conf USA team.. Better then no bowl at all. I'll take it...

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