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Tailgate reconnaissance


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Aug 21, 2011
had a chance to head up to the dome (buying other tickets) and parked at the FINE lot. Got good news and bad news. Good news is that they graded the lot (think that's how it's phrased) and the entirety of the lot is now covered by small rocks particles and the parking lines are completely repainted. The grassy area too is now mostly covered creating a more uniform lot area.

The bad news is getting in and out of there now I fear will be a total disaster with all the new construction up there. The lot north from us is totally torn up and the road that goes north south in front of both lots is down to one lane and one way south in front of the torn up lot. Looks like they may nuke any parking on the street on the hill as well. Gonna be ugly this year requiring very early arrivals with later post game tailgates as well to let it clear out.

Now that I think about it that ain't all bad!
Thanks For the update, I have been meaning to head up there myself to see and it sounds worse then I thought.

Do they have the porta-johns out yet? For Lax season they had two (finally) but they were in our corner.
Too bad the Henry Lot is closing. On the bright side I heard there will be a store at the bottom of the dorm they are erecting.

The Fine Lot is SRO supposedly. BTW, the guys that tailgated just below us in the lot want to join us. Also, I invited a few WF fans to show up. Told them to bring beer/soda and to pay something for the meat. I expect TV to show up for our tailgate.
Sold Right Out...

Jeremy what time are you getting there on Thursday?
Eh im gonna shoot for four, I dont think the lot opens till 3:30 so I think I would be safe with four.
You know for the Washington game they set some ridiculous time and I got there like 90 mins before that with no problem. I think a lot of professors will cancel Thursday afternoon classes. I think 3pm will be safe.
I might be able to do 3:30 not sure I can swign 3 with work I will see what I can do though.
I might be able to do 3:30 not sure I can swign 3 with work I will see what I can do though.
Cool clean your grill real nice...I'll make you the coney griller. BTW, anyone who sees Hoffman 3lb packages on sale let us know. Hope we can get them for under $10 a bag.

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