Telling Quotes today from Manhattan Game: CBS Sports |

Telling Quotes today from Manhattan Game: CBS Sports


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Aug 26, 2011
Here are a few quotes that speak to the game last night. Interesting how Scoop, Dion, say and what is mentioned about Triche:

by Thomas Casale - PG Jardine struggles in win
PG Scoop Jardine didn’t have a memorable game against Manhattan. Jardine was benched early for a behind-the-back pass and never really got into the flow of the game. Jardine played 15 minutes and finished with one points, one assist and two turnovers. “I deserve to get benched for doing stuff like that,” Jardine said. “It’s my own fault.” Orange RapidReports

by Thomas Casale - SG Waiters has offensive mindset
SG Dion Waiters continues to be an offensive spark off the bench. After scoring 14 points in the opener against Fordham, Waiters followed it up with a 17-point performance Monday night. “I told you all: a new and improved Dion,” Waiters said. “Your mindset has to be no one can guard you -- not just against these guys but everybody.” Orange RapidReports

by Thomas Casale - SG Triche being aggressive
SG Brandon Triche did what the coaches have been asking of him and looked for his shot more against Manhattan. Triche finished with 12 points on 5-of-12 shooting. "Brandon Triche was outstanding tonight,” Jim Boeheim said. “He’s the guy I remembered. He was aggressive, and that’s the way he has to play. That was a very good sign.” Orange RapidReports

Good for Scoop to be honest with his lack of performance; Waiters with confidence of a pure scorer; and Triche being the team player listening to the JB wants him aggressive and shooting...
As much as players need to be confident in their abilities, there comes a point where you need to step back and appreciate the other team. I feel like that's what he lacks and he'll do all that he can with his "I'm God" mentality to mindlessly play against double, triple, quadruple team.
At the same time, I'd rather have a player play with that mentality than "I don't want to be embarrassed with missing a shot" and take only wide open shots every game.
I liked this one from Waiters better...

"Me and Coach are getting along a lot better," said Waiters, who lost 10 pounds in the offseason. "Just better communication with each other. I'm glad he did that tonight because I calmed down. I just sat back and listened to what he had to say. He's trying to make you better as a man."

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