Thamel reporting the Big East wants to make SU/Pitt stay till 2014* | Page 2 |

Thamel reporting the Big East wants to make SU/Pitt stay till 2014*

I don't think the BE is thinking straight right now. They may not be able to keep Syracuse and Pitt around that long. Even Rick Pitino understands that in order for the conference to shore itself up fast, they will have to make room for the new schools. And if UConn and Rutgers join the magic bus south, I don't see how the BE could keep all four beyond a year. Make no mistake, the Big12 is about to implode, making this likely the last year that those schools play together. You think that Kansas, KSU, Mizzou, ISU and Baylor are going to want to sit around for another year playing against each other? Nope. Marinatto no longer controls the timetable. Texas and Oklahoma do. When those dominoes fall, you can bet the exit will be quick. We're talking PAC-16 by Sept. 2012.

Marinatto can bluster all he wants. No way we are in the BE beyond this season. If he wants what's left of his conference to survive, then he needs accept the fact that he has to fill the holes NOW and get the teams playing ASAP! There is no time for jilted lover syndrome.

It's a negotiating position, nothing more. Right now, he'd be dumb to insist on anything other than SU/Pitt serving their full time in the BE Penitentiary. We'll get paroled eventually but it may take some time.

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