Thank you, Myron |

Thank you, Myron

I agree with him EXCEPT our game, and the Providence game. UMass is one of those "pretty good , but not ready for prime time" teams. They get too close to the sun their wings melt.

Reminds me of much of my life(and the Rush song, "Bravado"). Is there any cure for this? If so I'm interested!
According to Seth we are due to get picked off, but he still picks us. I'll take it as a backhanded compliment.
Nice way to straddle the fence. Due to get picked off? Ya think? When no team has gone undefeated in 37 years, that's a safe bet. Way to go out on a limb Seth.
yeah I have an extra fondness for Myron as he was the golden gophers beat writer before he graduated to the mothership
That really seems like a step back to me.
Myron has always been a cuse hater. Not saying his prediction is an example, I've seen his negative Syracuse bs before more times than not . Eamon Brennan is the same.
I would like the x100 if I could. Those two are the biggest douches at ESPN. They must take turns cutting Andy Katz lawn to keep their employment. All they do is praise the B1G it seems, and both are TERRIBLE writers.

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