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The Adrian Autry Show - before Georgetown


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Aug 26, 2011
Coach Autry’s radio show is on Thursdays, (Wednesdays until the Dino Babers Show ends) from 7-8 or 9PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show is at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 550 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. The second hour, which usually begins with the conference season, is hosted by Gomez, a local radio personality. Last year they did a third half hour segment on Twitch.
Their schedule: AmeriCU Adrian Autry Show Starts Nov. 7 - Syracuse University Athletics

You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics Someday they will get around to switching it from the "Jim Boeheim Show" to "The Adrian Autry Show", although it would be fun to have both.
Or on Twitter at or Twitter (@CuseLearfield) using the hashtag #AskAutry.

The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometimes simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | Live News, Sports, Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts
If not, try:


“Coach, what should SU basketball fans think of Benny Williams? Should we feel sympathy, disappointment, patience, disgust or something else?”

(I have, in some instances, put together statements from different parts of the broadcast on the same subject. The quotes may not be verbatim –they are from my scribbled notes. I have not knowingly changed the meaning.)

The coach was a bit late, and Matt filled the time by describing the Cornell game, summarizing the upcoming schedule and playing clips from Coach’s post-game press conference. When he got here Matt joked that we must lead the country in early game times as the Georgetown game will begin at 11:30 Saturday morning due to a hockey game that must be prepared for that night. AA: “We’re up for it and excited for the chance to beat Georgetown.

I called in my question with the clarifications I added, above. Coach rejected the word ‘disgust’ in favor of the word ‘patience’ and added” We’re working through it and he’ll be fine.” Matt started to follow up on my question. My feed got cut off because my question had been answered and I fumbled with the radio, pressing the wrong button and getting the wrong station. When I got back to the correct station, Coach Autry was saying “Every player on this team has gone through it. There’s an adjustment period for everyone. There’s a new coach with a different voice.” I don’t know what this was specifically about and will have to check the podcast of this show to find out.

Matt moved on to ask what Coach said at halftime of the Cornell game after we’d given up 10 of the last 11 points of the half to close out advantage from 13 to 3 points. AA: “Rebounding: I challenged our guys at halftime. There are certain things we can control and two of them are rebounding and communicating. We had a chance to go into halftime with a decent lead and some momentum.” Matt talked about “the arc of the game: almost losing a 13 point lead, building it back to 12 only to see Cornell close it again. AA: “Judah had it rolling. Once he got out of the game, they came back. With the pace of this game they were going to have maybe 12 more possessions so those leads weren’t that big.”

What has Coach told his young players about Georgetown? “I actually talked to our team today and showed them a video we had prepared.” Matt said “The Orange and the Gray has the potential to be the same old thing.” They talked about what Ed Cooley was bringing to the Georgetown program. AA: “We’re both trying to get back to where our programs we have been, playing with consistency.” Georgetown “lost on a buzzer shot to undefeated TCU and the guy may have stepped out of bounds.

Pat called in, noting that new football coach Fran Brown had promised that alums would be welcomed at his practices. He wanted to know what role Adrian’s old teammates and other former Orange basketball players play in his program. AA: “They all reach out and to me and talk shop about the team. Lawrence Moten and Arinze Onuaku have been at practices. I always stop to give them a proper introduction and let them speak to the team. They can say whatever they want. Each one wants to talk about something different. We want them to know about the people who built this program up.

John in Syracuse bemoaned the fact that Jesse Edwards was ‘lured away with money. Who talks about money with these kids? Do they have advisors?” AA: We have some attractive NIL opportunities and that’s all you can really call them. NIL is very important but should not be the #1 thing when I recruit you to come to this school. Most schools have a financial literacy program and can arrange representation to get deals. We’re adjusting but it’s kind of unique. In my time we didn’t have to be so experienced at such an age.

‘Tousy’ from Washington DC said “the next two games will make or break this season. We’d better be ready. (Jayden) Epps and (Dontrez) Styles are the top duo in the Big East conference.” AA: The Hoyas will be ready for us. We’ve got to sharpen up everything on both parts of the ball, [that’s what my notes say: I assume he meant both ends of the court]. Georgetown shoots 39% from three and are very aggressive. Christmas will give us a nice 3-4 week period to get better.” [Not according to the schedule.] Our non-conference schedule is very challenging.

They went over the ACC results in the last week, the big one being North Carolina coming up short against Connecticut. “They got a lot of talent back and filled some spots. Georgia Tech pulled off a couple of big upsets over ranked teams, (#21 Mississippi State and #7 Duke), then lost to unranked Georgia by 14 points. AA: “You’ve got to be ready every game. Joe Girard’s Clemson team looked good beating #23 Alabama and then beat 7-0 South Carolina. But Jesse Edwards’s West Virginia team got clobbered by Pitt, who hit 16 three pointers.

Kyle in Carthage asked about Naheem McCloud’s potential. AA: He’s doing a good job. It’s very hard in games with certain match-ups. He’s playing just 15-18 minutes a game and has good numbers. He’s been impactful. We have to get him more involved.
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"new football coach Fran Brown had promised that alums would not be welcomed at his practices."

Is that a typo, because I thought I heard it was the exact opposite.

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