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The Adrian Autry Show - before Georgia Tech


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Aug 26, 2011
Coach Autry’s radio show is on Thursdays, (Wednesdays until the Dino Babers Show ends) from 7-8:30PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show is at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 550 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. They are again doing a third half hour segment on Twitch: I think I will save myself some time by posting the main show and linking the Twitch segment the next day when it shows up on You-Tube.

Their schedule: AmeriCU Adrian Autry Show Starts Nov. 7 - Syracuse University Athletics

You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics The choice, finally is the “Adrian Autry Show” or the “Fran Brown Show”!
Or on Twitter at or Twitter (@CuseLearfield) using the hashtag #AskAutry.

The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometimes simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | Live News, Sports, Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts If not, try:


“Coach, your predecessor always maintained that fatigue was not an issue in college basketball because of the conditioning of the players, the number of games and the lengthy TV time out outs every four minutes. Do you agree with this? How important is it to give your core players a ‘blow’ during games?”

On Twitch I will ask: “Coach, what traits do you look for in a player when you decide who will start? What traits do you look for in a player you want to use coming off the bench?”

(I have, in some instances, put together statements from different parts of the broadcast on the same subject. The quotes may not be verbatim –they are from my scribbled notes. I have not knowingly changed the meaning.)

Matt summarized the UNC game, calling it “the most exciting win of recent seasons”. As Coach Autry showed up, he said that everyone was “thrilled” by the win but that it was 1 of 31 games and that it was time to move on, wasn’t it, Coach?” Coach Autry wasn’t quite ready to stop savoring the win: “W came out right from the beginning…they made their run but we kept our composure.”

I called in my main question AA: “It’s about who you are bringing off the bench. When healthy I like bringing guys in off the bench. We were 8-9 deep….Training, nutrition and metrics have increased stamina but played can get a little tired.” Matt: “You’d love to play 8-9 people.” AA: Thank God for reviews or they would have gotten the ball 2-3 more times.” Matt: “’Indisputable evidence’ is a really high bar.” AA: “There’s been a lot of calls that were missed in the last two minutes. (Reviewing them) is a great rule. These are competitive games and the players and fans have a great investment in them. You have to get the calls right…You have to prepare for either result.” Matt noticed that “a young official placed the ball at the wrong location after a time-out. and gave you a chance to object to it.” AA: “Our play had already been called and we didn’t need to adjust it.”

Matt went over recent ACC results. Duke beat Wake Forest 87-69. Pitt won at Virginia, breaking their 8-game winning streak and extending Pitt’s to 4 games. Virginia Tech ended a 3-game losing streak by beating Florida State 83-75. Clemson handled U of Miami 77-60. “Clemson is playing well again.” Notre Dame and Georgia Tech both came in 3-10 and Tech, who has beaten UNC, Duke and Clemson, has lost to everyone else, including Notre Dame, 58-55. “Notre Dame has the second-best defense in the conference.” Matt: “Jim Boeheim always said to prepare for a team at its best. If you can beat North Carolina, you can beat anybody in the conference.”

There was some discussion of post season tournaments. AA: “That’s beauty of college basketball – you get a chance to play and play and play.” Matt: “People know all about the upsets you can get in the post-season but they forget that those upsets can come any time in the previous four months, as well.”

Matt: “Shooting 60% to win four games in a row, (meaning the winners of the last four games SU games have shot 60%), is really rare.” AA: “The game has changed. There’s more openness. Guys are better. It’s harder to prevent them from making shots.” Matt: “You didn’t spend a lot of time studying nutrition in your day, did you coach?” AA: “No.”

Mike called in to suggest players could “visualize the ball going into the basket”. AA: “Not visualize but be confident and composed. Don’t evaluate yourself during the game.” Matt: “And have a short memory, like a relief pitcher or a cornerback.” AA: “Don’t have one bad play lead to 2-3 more mistakes.”

Some questions from Carrabbas: Why don’t we line up, (have rebounders in position during free throws)? AA: “It depends on the time of the game and who is on the line. We want to avoid cheap fouls and get our defense set up.” Matt added that rebounds off missed free throws are rare, [even rarer when no one is there.] Why can’t Kyle Cuffee get into the game? AA: “Judah and JJ had it going and were making the right reads. They didn’t look tired. They looked engaged the whole time.” Matt: Mind melding was going on.”


Larry from Sandy Creek wondered why Copeland wasn’t starting. AA: “I think about that. I think about a lot of things every day. He’s getting the minutes that he’s earned and that we need. He’s ready to go at any time. He’s been very successful in his role and he’s comfortable where he is.

Kelly in Syracuse wondered if “we’ve got some big guys in the pipeline. AA: “We’ve got to get Naheem healthy again. William Patterson is working hard and getting better. Peter Carey is getting better and developing. We have one of the youngest teams in the country.” Matt said he’s interested in what people will be saying about William Patterson a year from now.

Georgia Tech “has two outstanding freshmen, Baye Ndongo, (6-9 200, 11.8p/7.9r) and Kowacie Reeves 6-6 182 10.4/4.1). NC State “plays well at home and will be heard to beat. We’ve played them already so our guys understand the game plan.” MP: “Our big guards will have post-up opportunities.” AA: JJ is big and physical. Judah is long and wiry. Plays are pretty easy to scout and defend. What happens when the play is blown up? You have to maintain your spacing and make quick reads. It’s better conceptional basketball.”

“Our zone was good and got better, despite a couple of breakdowns. Some guys were in man and some were playing zone. [I think they call that a “man-to-man with zone principles”.]

The women beat U of Miami and are now 20-4. AA: “Coach Jack has got those ladies rolling. It’s my privilege to watch them practice in the mornings. They really get after it.”

NC State has a statue of David Thompson outside their arena. His feet are 44 inches off the ground.

The Twitch Segment:

Adrian Autry Q&A 2-15-24

His response to my question about his criteria for starting and coming off the bench: “You look at team you team’s talent and figure out how you want to play it.” [Recognizing that isn’t an answer…) “For the starters you look for consistency, accountability, an understanding of what we are doing and leadership. For the bench you look for an understanding of what their role is and their attitude.” Matt brought up Dion as a great player off the bench. AA: “The Dion situation was best for that team. He gave us something different. He was a game changer. He was a very competitive guy and came out angry.”

I also asked if Chance Westry and William Patterson had any potential to help us this year. AA: “No. I’m not sure how much I should say about this. William is still developing. For Chance to come in this late in the year doesn’t make sense.”

I asked if Justin Taylor had developed some kind of Chuck Knoblach-type mental block but they didn’t answer that one.

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