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The Adrian Autry Show - before Miami


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Aug 26, 2011
Coach Autry’s radio show is on Thursdays, (Wednesdays until the Dino Babers Show ends) from 7-8:30PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show is at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 550 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. They are again doing a third half hour segment on Twitch:
Their schedule: AmeriCU Adrian Autry Show Starts Nov. 7 - Syracuse University Athletics

You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics Someday they will get around to switching it from the "Jim Boeheim Show" to "The Adrian Autry Show", although it would be fun to have both. (They also haven’t switched Dino Babers to Fran Brown.)
Or on Twitter at or Twitter (@CuseLearfield) using the hashtag #AskAutry.

The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometimes simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | Live News, Sports, Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts If not, try:


“Coach, we came into the second Pittsburgh game shooting 24% from three in ACC games. We beat Pitt by hitting 59% from three. What were the reasons for the improvement and how sustainable is that?”

On Twitch I will ask: “Coach, when Naseem McLeod was available, you said that there were games where he would be needed and games where we need Maliq Brown more, (especially against big men who can shoot). Now that he’s unavailable, which games are the ones where we will likely miss him the most?”

Also: “Coach, I’ve heard speculation that Chris Bell could mature into someone like Preston Shumpert, James Southerland or Demetris Nichols. What do you see in his future?”

(I have, in some instances, put together statements from different parts of the broadcast on the same subject. The quotes may not be verbatim –they are from my scribbled notes. I have not knowingly changed the meaning.)

Matt Park: “What a week for coaches!” (Getting clobbered by UNC and coming back to beat Pitt- on ethe road three days later.) Coach Autry: “You need a short memory and to bounce back and respond. I liked the quick turn-around vs. waiting a week.”

I called in my question, first nothing that I’d seen a report on the nightly news saying that multi-vitamin pills can increase your memory so I advised Coach not to take one if we lose like that again. That got a laugh. As to my question about our new found three point shooting proficiency. “We got better shots because we showed more patience. We are a better three point shooting team than the stats show. We stressed moving and setting screens [but please, no moving screens], and getting space.” I added that sharing the ball was another key. Matt noted that we had 7 different players hit threes, which he’d never seen before. “Everyone was a threat.” AA: “That’s how I envision it. Make them cover multiple guys.” Matt looked at the three players who played but didn’t hit threes: “Maliq Brown can certainly hit them. Peter Carey can hit a 15 footer. Mounir Hima is the one guy who isn’t a threat. AA: “When the ball moves, we have people who can get past people and make the right reads.”

Matt noticed the horrible game Pittsburgh’s Carleton Graham had in this game. After scoring 17 points on 6 for 12 shooting with a couple of threes in the Dome but in Tuesday’s game he was 0 for 10 from the field and 0 for 7 from the arc and didn’t score a point. AA: “It wasn’t all us. You have 32 games, [the 31 game regular season schedule plus at least one game in the ACCT.] You’re going to have a bad one.” Matt: Hinson had 25 in each game against us last year. [25p 13r, 22p 6r] “This year, he barely had 25 in both games combined. (23p on 4 for 11 from two and 3 for 18 from three with 12 rebs] AA: “That’s a guy we did a good job on, crowding him, keeping him in front of us, forcing him to take quick shots and long shots.”

Matt lauded JJ Starling for being the leading scorer. AA: “He had a look in his eyes. He was aggressive. He made some defensive plays people don’t talk about.” MP: “He made threes, two pointers, drives, quality looks.”

Kyle in Carthage was at the game. “It’s a different atmosphere being in the minority” [and SU fan on the road.] Matt was surprised that the arena at Pitt was not full. He said that the two easiest place to get to for SU fans on the road to get there and the arenas are often not full. Red said that “the student section gave great ‘lip service’ at Pitt. It’s a beautiful arena and a great place to play.”

Kyle wanted to know what role Peter Carey will play now with Naheem McLeod unable to play. AA: “He’ll get quality minutes. He used his fouls well. [LOL] Mounir is still an option, as is Benny. Maliq is a versatile option.”

Kyle also wanted to know who we “need to neutralize” on U of Miami. AA: “Miami has 5 or 6 guys who can shoot, drive and pass. They are explosive with a lot of firepower.” Matt noted that we shot 47%, (from the field), 59% (from three) and 69% (from the line) in the Pitt game while Miami this season is averaging “49/47/77” for the season. “Scary, huh?” AA: “Miami was a Final Four team. They have 5 guys who can explode for 16-20 points. In 8 shots. They can stretch the floor and shoot it from the logo. Wooga Poplar [?] is hitting almost 50% from three.” Is Matthew Cleveland the same player he was with Florida State? “No. He’s shooting it much better.” [He was 17.6% from three two years ago, 35.0% last year and 42.6% this year.]

Vito in Liverpool said that we “have the best record at this point in the season since 2018-19”. [The last year we wound up in the top 25.] But he is concerned about Judah Mintz playing out of control. He remembered him last year vs. Miami. AA: “We addressed that in practice with the team: late game situations, knowing how many time outs are left, staying out of certain areas of the court, what shots to take, etc.” Vito continued to press the issue, calling Judah “selfish with the ball: what do you tell him?” AA: “I tell all my guys to make the right play. A lot of times what the fan sees is not so clear-cut in games. There’s angles and body control. We are a driving and attacking team. We try to make the right plays.” MP: “The fan only sees the result of the play.” AA: “It’s a game of quick reactions. We try to put them in good situations, but they make their own decisions. We have to teach them to make the right decisions, like a parent.”

They talked about Dyaisha Fair passing 3,000 points. AA: She’s a very talented woman. I watch her every chance I get, both in games and in practices.” Unfortunately, her team was down by 14 as they said this - to #15 Florida State. (But they rallied to win: Peter Lorre in "I've Got a Secret" game show with Garry Moore | Dec 29 1954 )

Matt told a story about the Packers, who have had two straight Hall of Fame caliber quarterbacks and may now had a third: Brett Farve, Aaron Rogers and now Jordan Love, with each man sitting for a couple of years before succeeding in his predecessor. “One thing about the Rogers Era: he called his own plays and the sideline never knew what he was going to call so they had a hard time evaluating whether their players were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Now, with Love, they are scripting or calling the plays from the sideline and they can keep track of things better.” AA: “They are all on the same page. The best thing a coach can provide is clarity. I have my coaches repeat things back to me. To me clarity creates organization.”

They went over ACC results: BC beat ND 63-59. NC State beat Wake Forest 83-76 “without ever hitting a three, something not seen in years”. [maybe since 1986?] Georgia Tech beat slumping Clemson. AA: “Tech has some big wins.” Miami erased a 16 point deficit but still lost to Florida State, who is now 5-1 in ACC play. MP: They are long and athletic and still playing 10-11 guys.” AA: “That’s how Leonard Hamilton does it.” Louisville is battling this year. They feel way behind to North Carolina, (11-27), but [unlike us] managed to get it back to a 5 point game, (50-55), before losing 70-86.”

Pat called in with two questions: (1) “We’ve got a lot of guys who want to run. But you have said that in the half-court game we want to take our time and make the defense play defense.” AA: “We are looking for easy baskets. We want Chris and Justin to get their feet set and in rhythm. I’m looking for quickness on both ends.” Matt thanked Pat for his question, and they moved on. What was question #2?

Dave in Minneapolis said he can’t remember a season in which each game seemed to be decided by double figures. “We’ve only had a couple of single digit games.” AA: “I don’t have an answer for you. We don’t care how much we win games by as long as we win them.” Matt mentioned that Judah would be “great in crunch time” [He can handle the ball, score, and hit free throws] AA: “Oh, yes. We have situational practices. Guys look forward to them and have fun. You still have to execute.”

Coach Autry wishes Naheem the best as he rehabilitees his foot. “He will feel more like a veteran next year.” Matt said that he’d seen Naheem motoring around the campus saying “High!” to people”.

Coach then joined Gomez on “Twitch”. He said being able to show players what they did on film was “very beneficial”. I didn’t get the rest of the opening conversation.

Caleb posted a couple of questions: “How do you balance offensive concepts with free form?” AA: We work every day on core concepts and how to play in different situations.” “Are we closing the gap on top tier teams?” AA: “It’s about players. Our players have bene working into a new system with little time. You have to have a clear plan and recruit.” [I posted a question about whether he’d learned anything about recruiting from Coach Brown- or had Coach Brown learned anything from him? It didn’t get answered.]

Roddy asked if, with the three new teams, we would have more than 20 leagues games next year. Coach said he didn’t think so but he really doesn’t know.

I did get in a couple of questions, both noted above. Coach said that the UNC game was one where we might have needed McLeod to but a big body on Bacot. He added that “over the next stretch teams have guys who can score around the basket. I thought he could take us over the hump in the ACC.” He felt that the Bell = Shumpert/Southerland/Nichols in the future was “a great comparison. To be in that company he needs to grow more consistent and do other things. He’s working on defense. He’s now a double-digit scorer and he’s making an impact on the other side of the ball, as well.”

Goorangemen wondered if Coach would be looking for a portal center for next year. AA: “We’ll look at it but you never know what the roster will look like.” Matt asked if they get alerts as to who has entered the portal. Coach thought he means SU players, saying that they have to talk to the compliance office first. But they do keep track of what players might be available, too.

Somebody wanted to know how we will defend Miami’s Norchad Omier. Coach obviously wasn’t going o give too many details on that. “Any good player will get his opportunities. You have to battle him and make it tough.”

Dave Bing will be put in SU’s ring of honor at the NC State game on the 27th. Gomez said he’d heard, (probably JB say) that Bing was the one SU player whose skills would translate to any era. [Vic Hanson, Billy Gabor, Jim Boeheim, Louie and Bouie, The Pearl, Sherman and Derrick, Moten and Wallace, Melo and GMAC, the 2010 and 2012 team…hey, we could use him now!]

Matt asked who Coach’s favorite teammate was. “I loved all of them and have a special relationship with each.” [Mommy and Daddy love you exactly the same.] My roommate was Conrad MacRae. Actually, I came here because of him. He’s gone now.” Coach received a painting a moth ago from a friend, [presumably of Conrad], and he’s very happy about that. Who else recruited him? “Kentucky (Pitino), Louisville (Denny Crum and Pittsburgh (Paul Evans) -Sean Miller was there. What was his most memorable game? “The Kentucky game in the Dome vs. Pitino.”

What’s the big difference between being a head coach and an assistant? “This stuff- media time. And my mind is always racing with ideas about how to improve the team.”

Is Judah starting to pass more and get the team involved? “It’s more what we talked about as a team- share the ball and bring the other players along with us. [you]”

Pat asked Coach to rank Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. He laughed but “I grew up as an MJ guy. People forget about Kobe. He was right there.” (Was that the second question?)

What were the main take-aways from Maui? “That was early. We found that we can compete, for a while anyway with top teams. We’re not far off. I’m disappointed we couldn’t compete with North Carolina - but that’s in the rear view mirror.”

I think I will save myself some time by posting the main show and linking the Twitch segment the next day when it shows up on You-Tube.

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