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The Adrian Autry Show - before Pittsburgh1


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Aug 26, 2011
Coach Autry’s radio show is on Thursdays, (Wednesdays until the Dino Babers Show ends) from 7-8 or 9PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show is at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 550 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. The second hour, which usually begins with the conference season, is hosted by Gomez, a local radio personality. Last year they did a third half hour segment on Twitch.
Their schedule: AmeriCU Adrian Autry Show Starts Nov. 7 - Syracuse University Athletics

You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics Someday they will get around to switching it from the "Jim Boeheim Show" to "The Adrian Autry Show", although it would be fun to have both.
Or on Twitter at or Twitter (@CuseLearfield) using the hashtag #AskAutry.

The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometimes simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | Live News, Sports, Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts If not, try:


“Coach, a reporter once asked Casey Stengel the secret of his success. Casey said “I never play a game without my man.” The reporter wondered who his ‘man’ was. Then he looked at the box scores and realized Yogi Berra was in every one of them. I’ve looked at our box scores this year and the player who has played the most minutes is JJ Starling and it’s not close: JJ has played 45 more minutes than any other player – more than full game. What is it about JJ that makes him your ‘man’?”

(I have, in some instances, put together statements from different parts of the broadcast on the same subject. The quotes may not be verbatim –they are from my scribbled notes. I have not knowingly changed the meaning.)

Coach Autry: “It’s a new year, a new season. We’re starting the ACC schedule.” Matt Park said that Pitt has the same record as SU, 9-3, 0-1 in the conference, (they lost at home to Clemson), and they have also won four games in a row. AA: “Jeff Capel has done a good job rebuilding that program. Blake Hinson is hitting nearly 50% of his three pointers and will contend for ACC player of the year. Carleton Carrington opened his college career with a triple double, (18/12/10 vs. NC A&T). They are on pace to be a tournament team again.”

What did winning the Niagara game do for the team heading into the Christmas break? “It lead to what all team are trying to do: get better. The last 5-6 minutes we left our foot off the peddle. The lapses lead to frustration for me. But we won it.”

I called in my question about JJ Starling leading the team in minutes. “He’s very versatile. He can play off the ball or off of it. He defends and rebounds and can score. He has a low turnover rate. He’s a guy I really feel comfortable with. It’s no secret that Judah is the engine that drives us. He scores a lot of points but his aggressive style wears him down. We try to support Judah all we can. He’s our guy. JJ is just scratching the surface. He could be a Joe Dumars type. Everybody is stepping up. Quadir Copeland is coming on. Our depth has been really good for us. We have no set plan for the distribution of minutes. I want to keep the intensity high to wear the other teams down. This generation is different than mine. We worried about how many minutes we were getting. These guys want to be a part of something and play a role in it. They know if they get subbed out they’ll be coming back in.

Kyle in Carthage noted that we have two ACC games in four days. He wants to know what it will take to come out strong. He said that Copeland gives the team a “great spark off the bench”. AA: “Quadir has progressed each game. He’s coming off the bench sooner. He didn’t get the consistent playing time he wanted last year. Now he’s getting it.”

Matt asked the Coach to describe what the player’s routine has been during the Holiday period. It lead to a more interesting discussion. “The guys had a chance to go home for a couple of days. Since then they’ve just been in the gym and doing some lifting. It’s about recovery. We’ve worked on things that needed improvement. We have tracking devices on clip-ons. We know how many miles a player run, how many times he jumps and his high point. (I’m not sure but I thought he said they use the clip-ons both in practice and in games: has anybody seen evidence of this?).


“Our Sports Performance Team is terrific. They keep our players mentally fresh, strong, hydrated and fueled.” Does he use this information to evaluate players? “I worked for Jim Boeheim who had analytics in his mind. I’ve challenged some people more and advised others to tone it down.” Matt remembered Trevor Cooney, who “had sweated through his shirt two hours before the game.” AA: “I had to tell him to go home and get some rest. You have to Taylor it to the individual. I liked to work but I also wanted tob e fresh when it’s time to play. It’s all about being ready to go at tip-off time. “

Pat called in to again complain about slow starts in this and prior years and wondered what can be done about them, (without making suggestions). AA: “I don’t’ think we’ve got that…it’s the final result that matters. There’s not one thing I can pinpoint. Every team has games like that. In every game you’ve got to feel the other team out.” Matt, trying to be helpful, said that football teams often script the first 13 plays to see how the defense will react to them. He also noted that the previous two years we played zone defenses, which tend to produce long possessions and to hold the score down. “You can’t get much separation”. [Obviously, that would not explain slow starts this year.]

Michael in Manlius wondered if we had a ‘here we go again’ syndrome that could explain the slow starts. He wondered if the younger players lacked confidence. AA wanted the ‘start’ of a game to be defined: is it a certain number of minutes” “When does it start and when does it end?” Matt said that “The first five minutes against Gonzaga were ‘out of whack’. We had a lead on Virginia. Against Oreogn it was 7-3 over the first five minutes. Then they led by 10 and lost by 20.” AA: “We break games down by 4 mintues periods, just like TV does with it’s timeouts.”

Tuse, (Toose?) in North Syracuse complained about thew opening tips, which we keep losing, despite having a 7-4 center. He thinks there’s a rule that players can’t jump until the ball starts coming down. Coach Autry agrees. “I think we lost a couple fo tips that were stolen because somebody jumped early. But we’ve got to react quicker than that”. [Is it easier to tip the ball when its going up than down?]

Matt said that two times Coaches don’t like their teams to play are Noon and 9PM – the times of our next two games. Coach Autry agreed but said that a 9PM start means it’s a big, national TV game in prime time. [That hasn’t been good news for our football team.]

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