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Aug 21, 2011
Is anyone else enjoying the fact that we're clearly everything wrong in college sports? We're traitors. We turned our back on the Big East and OH MY GOD, we were charter members!!! We've had column after column written that attacks Syracuse. We have had rants all over ESPN and in other sports and non-sports media. We have alumni on SU's facebook complaining about the move and how they are disgusted that we'd turn our backs on the Big East. Even John Wallace decried the move in the Times. Not only that, but it seems like some ACC fanbases don't want us and think we'll drag down ACC football even more.

Now we "stole" a game from something called "Toledo." That ragamuffin team that should have won the game against mean old Syracuse had victory ripped away from it. The Big East made a statement about the officiating that I don't believe it ever has before. (Just as grievous a mistake: in 2007 when UConn played Louisville, a UConn player clearly called for a fair catch, and then ran the punt or kickoff in for a touchdown - I don't think the Big East made a statement then)

If the media is on the team's radar, then I hope Doug Marrone is able to channel and embrace the "us against the world" mentality that we're facing right now. It just kind of sucks that part of the group in the "against" category are some of our own "fans." Regardless, I'm enjoying seeing all the whining about Syracuse. We haven't been discussed so much by the football media in years.
I love on the ESPN board how USF and SU fans are arguing over who has a better hometown, lol.

As if it's gonna get USF in a relevant BCS conference ... ;)

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