The Coach Adrian Autry Show - before Canisius, et alia |

The Coach Adrian Autry Show - before Canisius, et alia


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Aug 26, 2011
Coach Autry’s radio show is on Thursdays, (Wednesdays until the Dino Babers Show ends) from 7-8 or 9PM on ESPN Radio in Syracuse, which is AM1200 or FM 97.7 on the dial. The show is at Carrabba's Italian Grill at 550 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY. The first hour, hosted by Matt Park, the Voice of the Orange, is on their general network. The second hour, which usually begins with the conference season, is hosted by Gomez, a local radio personality. Last year they did a third half hour segment on Twitch.
Their schedule: AmeriCU Adrian Autry Show Starts Nov. 7 - Syracuse University Athletics

You can call into the show locally at 315-424-8599 or nationally at 1-888-746-2873. For Gomez’s portion, use 315-424-8599. Or you can submit questions from this page:
Submit a Question! - Syracuse University Athletics Someday they will get around to switching it from the "Jim Boeheim Show" to "The Adrian Autry Show", although it would be fun to have both.
Or on Twitter at or Twitter (@CuseLearfield) using the hashtag #AskAutry.

The show can be heard in Syracuse on FM 99.5. It’s sometimes simulcast on AM 1200 or FM 97.7. You can also get it on: TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | Live News, Sports, Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts
There’s now a third segment where Jim and Gomez can be seen on camera at:
The into article, (above), doesn’t say what the format will be: an hour show like the FB show or an hour plus a half hour on Twitch, the way Coach Boeheim did it last year or something else. We’ll all find out tonight.


I’ll ask him a question I decided years ago to ask the coach that followed Boeheim in his first show:

“Coach, you have been on Jim Boeheim’s staff for years and so his influence on you has to be considerable. But what other coaches have you admired and been influenced by in matters of preparation, strategy and personal style?”

If I have a chance at a second question, I’ll ask if this team has enough of a perimeter game to stretch defenses and where it will come from. I may also ask if we have enough balls for all the players who will want it.

(I have, in some instances, put together statements from different parts of the broadcast on the same subject. The quotes may not be verbatim –they are from my scribbled notes. I have not knowingly changed the meaning.)

Coach was later for the show and Matt filled in with audio highlights from last night’s game. I tried to call in to get on the queue, (hopefully #1 for the first ever Adrian Autry Show), but three times I got a feed from the show I could barely hear, no one answering the call, silence and then a dial tone.

Coach then showed up. They said how there would not be another AA show until 11/30 due the trip to Hawaii, (they are going early to acclimate themselves), and Thanksgiving. Adrian then described his transition. “I didn’t want to try and implement everything immediately. That would have produced chaos and confusion. Now I’m stressing how you act as a person, things like what you wear to eat, to go to the weight room, etc.

On the first game: “Anything can happen. For the players, it’s their first time playing in front of their families, on TV, in the Dome. They’re trying to get a feel for what is happening. Matt described the 32-9 lead as “Fools Gold”. AA: “We were very active defensively. But that’s how we have to play.“ Matt: You had 14 first half points from shots in the first 6 seconds of a possession.”

I finally got through and asked my question. AA: There’s a lot of coaches I have admired and studied: Jay Wright, Tony Bennett, Seth Greenberg, who taught me how to prepare for games. There were different coaches: my high school coach. Bu they all had the same message: “Don’t try to copy someone else. It has to be you”. Matt: “The you part of it is what you pick and choose.” AA: “You make it your own. You do your reading. You familiarize yourself with what other coaches are doing. But you make it yours.”

Sammy Davis Jr. - I’ve Gotta Be Me (Original single version from the Sky Q TV Ad)

Chris in Syracuse was the second caller. “Are you going to build around a center or four guards?” AA: “I want five guys who can dribble, pass and shoot, working together.” [Plus play defense and rebound] “Those are fun teams to watch. I want balance. It depends on the roster. You shape the team to the talent you have.” Matt noted that there was a time in last night’s game when we had nobody in the paint. AA: “All our guys are at least 63-. We have a lot of talent and versatility among the guards. I want to get more guards. We want big guys who are mobile and can switch to the 5.” Matt: “Whoever secures the ball has to get out and go. Mintz, Copeland and Cuffe can do that.”

LeMoyne is playing Georgetown and James Madison just beat Michigan State. “The lower teams can retain their players longer.” Matt admitted that when he saw UNH’s Clarence Daniels play, he wondered why he’s still there. Then he found out: he’d already transferred twice. AA: “There’s a handful (of those players) at ever level.”

Dave In Minneapolis asked “what changes have there been in college coaching since you started?” Coach AA took that as asking what changes he has delt with since he became a head coach. “It’s time commitment to both the team and other aspects of the program.” Matt added “roster management and fund raising”. Adrian agreed and added “the new college athletics, NIL, etc.” Mat: Jim Boeheim was always thing 2-3 years out. AA: “Now it changes, year to year.”

What about Canisius? They beat Colgate in a non-so-secret secret scrimmage. “They were working on stuff. They are one of the better offensive teams of our early opponents. They play fast, really push it an can shoot the ball. It seems I keep saying that. It’s modern basketball.”

“We’ve got a couple things to cleanup. We need to maintain defensive intensity. We’ve got to rebound better. Not just the big guy – the guards, too. We did one thing well- when we got rebounds, we got great transition points.

All he would say about Colgate is that they are “pretty confident”. But “Canisius first.” They had no time to discuss other potential opponents prior to the 11/30 show. That would be Maui and LSU.

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