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Aug 26, 2011
The coach’s show is on TK99, (FM 99.5) in the Syracuse area and can also be heard through Orange All-Access on the SU Athletic website. It’s 8PM Thursdays- or two days before each game, when they are not on Saturday. They have a link to their “Radio Mailbox” for submitting E-Mail questions on the SU Athletic website. You also can call in questions at 1-888-740-2873 or locally at 315-424-8599.

In past years it took sometimes weeks for a podcast to turn up on the SU athletics website, so I tried to do a virtual transcript of the show. This year I missed the first show and the pod cast was available the next day at this site:
This year I’ll start out by just summarizing the main points and referring people to the pod cast to listen to the whole thing. If the pod cast starts appearing later- such as after the next game, I’ll go back to doing more of a transcript.
My Questions Comments:

“The inability to protect Ryan in the pocket in the first half was alarming. Can you break down what happened and what adjustments were made to counter it. Is protecting the quarterback going to be an issue this season? “
Coach Marrone:

Coach Marrone call the Rhode Island game a second “first game” because the Rams haven’t played a game and again he doesn’t know what to expect. He said the preparations for this game involve “not so much Xing and Oing as just trying to do what we do better“.

I called and pleaded with him never to send SU out in uniforms that look like crash test dummies just to draw attention the way Maryland did. We have good uniforms and players should be proud to wear them and what they represent. We should draw attention to winning. He didn’t respond to that and I immediately went to my main question.

I asked him to break down the problems the offensive line had in the first half He said they hadn’t prepared for the type of defense Wake was using- a 3/4 where both backers were brought up to the line of scrimmage. “We didn’t know who to block and we didn’t get to the edge. We didn’t stay in front of them. They brought one more than we could block. If we had 6 blockers, they brought 7. If we had 7, they had 8. He said Ryan still has to learn to step forward into the pocket. Then the throwing lanes will open up and he’ll see the whole field. Matt also noted he could put more force on the ball that way.
Coach praised Nassib for having a fine game, though. He was 20 for 28 with two throw-aways and three drops. The early one to Van Chew was his only bad miss. “He’s a quiet kid on the outside but his intensity is sky high and he’s more likely to do that early.”

Coach felt the best thing about they game wasn’t just the comeback but that we had “no cramps or conditioning problems”, which he attributed to the Strength and Conditioning staff . When asked what he felt the team’s biggest challenge was this year, he said he wanted to win games at noon, because we have a bad record in games that start at that time. He was asked where the leadership on the team comes from. Coach said the most vocal leaders come to the top but that quarterback, center, linebacker and safety were positions that naturally lend themselves to leadership.

A caller asked what the coach could tell us about conference expansion scenarios. Not much. He said he hadn’t been following it. “I’m just waiting to see what the powers that be do.” Matt Park asked him if the competitor in him caused him to be defensive about the Big East. Coach said that he feels that he can criticize the schools in the Big East if he wants to, but nobody else better.- he feels like it’s a family. But “I’m a competitor in things I can control. If I worry about things I can’t control I get frustrated.” (I think he got that philosophy from Mickey Rivers.)

A caller asked about his degree of comfort if the back-up quarterbacks had to play. He’s “happy with” Charley Loeb. John Kinder is “coming along well”. “But “the biggest jump was made by Terrel Hunt. (Of course he had the farthest to jump from.)

Regarding the fans, he’s “proud of the student body. They set a record of attendance and they and the fans that stayed really helped the team”. About those who left: “I guarantee you one thing: we’ll play until the end and we’ll never be out of it.” (Actually we might be out of it but will keep playing- even if the fans leave.)

He was asked to comment on the new players. Dyshawn Davis “made mistakes but everybody does.” Brandon Reddish- “The coaches were more nervous than he was. He told us ’I got this’.” Cameron Lynch “played very well”. Jeremiah Kobena “will do some things for us”. Sam Rogers, the long snapper “was outstanding”. (I assume the long snapper doesn’t snap for placekicks, because those snaps were not outstanding.)

He said that we had only one play last year that went as long as Bailey’s run. “Prince Tyson Gulley has the same kind of explosiveness. Jerome Smith and Adonis Moore are the big backs.”

He commented on Durell Eskridge: “The NCAA rule just came about this year. The NCAA tries to do the right thing but it doesn’t always come out that way. I promise you one thing: he will graduate from Syracuse University.” (After a break they came back before Matt and the coach were ready and I heard the Coach say: “ I’m so pissed- and I’m the one who has to tell the kid!” I don’t know if they were still talking about Eskridge or if that snippet will appear on the pod cast but I heard him say it. I’m wondering what rule came about this year that would have impacted his status.)

Coach is pleased about our graduates getting shots in the NFL. “We got pretty much all of our kids into camp- at least they had an opportunity Doug Hogue and Delone Carter ware on opening day rosters and Derrell Smith are on practice squads.”

They discussed the Colts, who always seem to have SU players on their roster. Coach said that Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback ever but he isn’t the only good player they have and he wouldn’t write them off just yet. “Kerry Collins can still throw the ball. That’s the last thing to go. Vinnie Testeverde can still throw it with the young guys out there today. The problem is mobility- they can’t get away from the hits any more.”

Next week’s show will be on Wednesday due to the long trip to the West Coast. After that they will stick to the two days before the game plan.
Rodgers snaps for punts and Morris snaps for FGs/PATs.
I think I know but to be specific, which one? And why?

I just get nervous that he's talking about #99 and not Eskeridge when he says that off air

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