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The Downside- Florida State


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- 3-38 last year, 3-41 this year. The years where we had a chance to beat the Noles are over. The window has closed.

- 7-40 last week, 3-41 this week. Does this team have any confidence left? Are they too beat up to finish the season with the winning streak we need to make something good out of this season?

- Our defense was feistier than last week for the most part but on some plays they looked like Colorado in the second half vs. Stanford. FSU wound up with 535 yards, 21 first down and 41 points. That’s all anyone will see when they look at the box score.

- Our offense founds some ways to move the ball in spurts but in the end gained 261 yards, 12FD and 3 points. That’s all that matters and it’s not good enough.

- Shrader, for a 6-4 230 pound scrambler, goes down awfully easily under pressure. We saw Travis throw a 58 yard TD pass while being tackled by 4 guys. UPDATE: They just announced on the radio that Garrett had an attack of food poisoning last night, so that was part of the problem.

- Of course, Shrader never had anybody open. On every pass there was a Nole right in the chest of the SU receiver. I didn’t see any interference, just really effective defense. A lot it was pass patterns. Everything was wide, with very little zig-zag to it. Meanwhile FSU sliced us apart with slants over the middle. Even Villari was along the sidelines when we passed to him.

- Getting free balls has been a very frustrating experience. The strange calls against Purdue. The three dropped interceptions against Clemson. The blocked punt and pass that bounced off the UNC receiver, then off the SU defender back to the Tar Heel who ran 77 for a score with it. The greasy pig fumble in the first quarter of this game and the ball that bounced off three SU defenders and found the ground in front of the SU goal line.

- People are linking the Clemson, UNC and FSU games together as if they were all the same thing. Our defense was a tiger in the Clemson game, putting heat on the QB and stuffing the run. We lost that game because there were four turnovers, all producing touchdowns and we got only one of them. That was a competitive game. The last two were not. We have declined as a football team.

- Dino seemed to be trying to “keep the score down” from the beginning. The deep shots that characterized our offense early in the season are gone. Everything is runs up the middle or horizontal. The line is part of that. But Dino called time outs to get us an extra chance at the end and settled for a blocked punt attempt. We tried a field goal down by 21 in the third quarter. We punted three times in a row after that. Every time I can remember a coach trying to hold the score down, the score never gets held down.

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