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The Downside: Georgetown


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Aug 26, 2011
The Downside

- Let me repeat the first paragraph of my Upside post: “When I got up this morning, I didn’t think we had much of a team. The injury to Mounir Hima and the inadequacy of Peter Carey and William Patterson meant that our 6-8 222 power forward Maliq Brown had to play center for long stretches of games. The meltdown of Benny Williams means that Justin Taylor, our 6-6 218 small forward, (some people see him as a shooting guard), has to play power forward. Meanwhile, JJ Starling, who was supposed to be Robin to Judah Mintz’s Batman, wasn’t fulfilling that role. I just couldn’t see how that could sustainable through an ACC schedule. We’d be too small and too dependent on Mintz to carry the team. That’s exactly how we looked in the first half, as well as sloppy with the ball and confused on defense. We turned that around in the second half but have we banished it? Who will we be the rest of the season?

- Net Points: 1 for Chris Bell, 1 for Justin Taylor, 1 for Naheem McCleod, 0 for Benny Williams, -1 for Kyle Cuffe. Basically (net) nothing from 5 guys who matter.

- Bell, who had a bog game against Cornell, had a small one today. He hit an early 3 and did very little afterwards except to try to win a debate with a Georgetown player that got his a technical. Later, he threw a ball to he floor in anger and could have gotten another one.

- Taylor led us with 6 rebounds but negated that with a 1 for 7 shooting performance.

- McLeod made it clear early that he wasn’t going to contribute anything in this game and only played 4 minutes. Brent Axe said that “the clock is ticking for him”. That’s a little dramatic. But it does seem that the game is moving too fast for him. Jimmy Satalin said “Everything he does is too late”.

- Benny has at least hustled when he played in recent games. In this game, he didn’t do much of anything: 0 for 2 for zero points, 2 rebounds and an assists but a foul in 11 minutes. The saga continues but it won’t be a bestseller.

- Cuffe played only 2 minutes. His NP for the year: +5 in 10 games, 112 minutes. Per 40: 1.8.

- Computing Judah Mintz’s net points was interesting: -6(FG), -2 (FT), +3(Rebs) -5(Fouls)+3(Ast) -4(TO) +1(Blk) +5(Stl) +25(Pts). He’s our flawed hero.

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