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The Downside - North Carolina


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- This one was a real shocker. We’d won our four opening games by at least two touchdowns, (or a lot more), then hit the wall against Clemson. But we competed with Clemson. The game was decided on turnovers, (including some we didn’t get). We didn’t get manhandled by Clemson. We didn’t get manhandled today, either. We got crushed like a soda can on both sides of the ball. The only competition was to see which team was worse: our offensive team or our defensive team. It may be that a well-rested, (coming off a bye) North Carolina team playing it’s best game of the season was just more than we could handle. I hope so. I hope they go on to win the national championship. Then I won’t feel so bad.

- But consider this: A month ago Appalachian State lost to this team in overtime: 34-40. We couldn’t do as well as App State? Oh yeah…the transitive property. I forgot.

- The numbers are even uglier than the score: 221 yards to 644. We’d been averaging 462-297. Frist downs: 11 to 33. We’d had 122 first downs to 89 coming into this game. Points: 7-40. We’d been averaging 38-15. UNC just totally dominated the line of scrimmage the whole game. Shrader and Allen and no room to maneuver while Maye and Hampton had all day. We were known for taking deep shots but Shrader had no time for that and we averaged 8.1 yards per completion to 13.4 for the Tar Heels. We averaged 3.3 yards per run to 4.2, (it was 1.9 vs. 5.2 at halftime).

- Naturally, when you are playing poorly, you don’t get any breaks. UNC’s only punt was blocked but the ball went right into the hands of the punter, who ran for a first down – or did he? He seemed to be short but the refs assured Dino Babers he had made it. Dino, who was standing at the line of scrimmage, threw the red flag and was told three wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it – that that the ruling was confirmed. Then, after we’d started what might have been a comeback by scoring on our first second half possession, came the bizarre play when a Maye pass was tipped by Kobe Paysour into the hands of Alijah “Cinco” Clark, who made a stab at the ball – and tipped it back into Paysour’s hands. Kobe caught it and went 77 yards for UNC’s longest play of the year, ending any suspense.

- Adam Terry was commenting in the SU booth about SU’s poor ‘body language’ during this game. We seem like a delated team that doesn’t believe in itself anymore. I hope he’s wrong because here comes Florida State. Another whupping like this and the dream f beating those lasr five ‘beatable’ opponents to go 9-3 seems pretty shaky at best.

- I just saw Jawhar Jordan run 45 yards for the go-ahead score for Louisville against Notre Dame. They said he had the three longest scoring runs of the season in FBS. He has the one thing LeQuint Allen doesn’t have: break-away speed, the kind that could make the big play to turn around a game.

(Now for the heavy lifting.)
Can't wait to see your upside if there is one...Glad I have Louisville to cheer on, and texted with his mom who is at the game. Very happy for him and his family.

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