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The Downside- St. Bonaventure


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Aug 26, 2011
- St. Bonaventure looked bad. We looked good but St. Bonaventure looked bad. We won’t play a team this bad the rest of the year. They couldn’t even handle the ball. They looked like me trying to dribble.

- Somehow, they out-rebounded us 29-31. It was 6-13 on the offensive boards.

- How often is an ACC team going to have 25 turnovers?

- We also had some bad turnovers of our own, (14 of them), especially when the game got sloppy in the second half. We had the same number of unforced turnovers, (non-steals), as the Bonnies did, (8)

- Frank Howard had 4 assists in 20 minutes but only 4 points on 1 for 3 shooting. Last year he wasn’t a point guard that broke down the defense with his dribbling and passing. He was a shooter who brought the ball up and just got us into our offense. He scored 14.4 points per game and had the best range of anyone on the team. That’s what we miss and it isn’t there yet.

- Also not there was the double-double machine Oshae Brissett was last year. He had 7 of them in the pre-conference season last year. This year he’s got three of them. There’s a reason why nobody talks about single-singles. Yes, he only played 24 minutes but it would have been more if he’d had more than 5 points and 6 rebounds.

- If we are going to do well in the ACC, it’s all hands on deck for 40 minutes. Our players have been up and down like a bank of elevators and we’ve played in spurts.
No complaints about the game. Rotation is starting to solidify. Need Howard to get back to where he was last year. I said a while ago that Hughes was the key to the team this year. 4th shooter. Dolezaj solid today but can you start him against teams with an average center? Hughes is not a good rebounder so that leaves Brissett as the sole solid rebounder when Dolezaj is in the middle. Dolezaj certainly played well today.

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