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The Downside - VT II


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Aug 26, 2011
- It was another painless loss. I was in “it is what it is” mode in the first half. I knew Tech was going 3 for 19 from three again, especially with Cattour back. He was the difference himself, scoring 20 points on 6 threes while holding Joe Girard to 2 for 8 and 7 points.

- But the real Cuse-killer is Justyn Mutts He’s like James Bond vs. Spectre against our zone. You’ve got a 6-7 guys who can shoot or pass and hits the boards, surrounded by shooters. Man, we could have used him last year. Tech’s got him and, despite all their close losses, they are a very formidable team, one much more likely to make a run and win the auto bad in the ACCT than we are. They are our lone Quad 1 or 2 win this year and they are really a lot better than we are.

- I guess the “switching defenses” thing that was much discussed before the season is a dead horse. The Hokies were carving up our zone like a Thanksgiving revenge and we did nothing about it.

- We pressed in the second half and it wasn’t great but we out-scored ‘em 37-33, which beats 33-52 any day of the week. We might as well just press the whole game. “40 minutes of Orange”. It can’t have worse results than this.

- Judah Mintz is the type of lone-wolf player who plays well when nobody else is. The problem is, the cure for the team not playing well is getting everybody on the team involved, not one guy pounding the ball into the court and going 1 on 5 to score or get to the line.

- Benny Williams and Chris Bell: 17 minutes, 0 for 3, 0 points, 1 rebound. This after Bell had a great game vs. UNC.

- We lost the game on possessions more than shooting, (the Hokies cooled off against our press, going 2-12 from three in the second half). We were out-rebounded by 11, (26-37) and had the same number of turnovers, 15, even though the Hokies weren’t pressing us.

- Why are the refs determined to get Jesse Edwards out of the game? The third foul on him was totally absurd. He reached for a pass. Was there even any contact? Normally young big men get called for a lot of fouls. They are learning to play with their often newly big bodies and learning the defense and they commit a lot of fouls. And they get called for a lot of fouls because the refs are expecting them to foul and their calls are often based on their expectations. But as the big men mature, they foul less and get called for fouls less. That hasn’t happened with Jesse. He’s getting officiated as if he were still a freshman.

- Right now I just want to have a winning record and see what we can do in the NIT. We aren’t an NCAA team, no matter how they make the selections.

- This will be the 9th year in a row of double figures in losses. We are now 171-126 since this:


We had a 147-36 stretch leading up to it.
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