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Aug 26, 2011
- The aggressive, intimidating defense of last week vanished. We gave up a ridiculous 355 yards passing and 34 points to a team that had scored 6 points and passed for 74 yards against Army. Xavier Rush had caught 1 pass for 9 yards this season. In this game he caught 4 for 135 yards and two scores. Kevyn Scott looked as if he was on “Dancing With the Stars” while Keon Lyn got voted off the island.

- Meanwhile the offense which looked versatile and potent for 27 minutes, (232 yards, 31 points), went absolutely in the tank after that, (124 yards, 6 points, including five straight 3 and outs with the game in the balance). It looked like we were going to score 60 points but we never got close to it.

- It’s a broken record but Ryan Nassib needs to pass a lot and quickly to be effective. In the first three games he was 74 for 102, (.725). Since then he’s 47 for 85, (.553). We keep trying to establish the run and force Nassib to pass when we have to and the other team knows it. We aren’t using it as a proactive weapon, which it needs to be.

- Alec Lemon and Van Chew had 39 catches in the first three games. They have 12 in the last three. Graham and West have 11 catches in those games so it’s not just because they are using other wideouts. Two of our best weapons are being taken out of the game.

- I’m tired of short passes to receivers who have no blocking in front of them. “YAC” is a good thing but it’s not a strategy.

- Michael Hay should change his name to Michael Hold. He had three holding calls tonight. Also Zach Chibane continues to be a revolving door.

- Duke 48 Tulane 27. Army 45 Tulane 6. Syracuse 37 Tulane 34. Yeech. This was our last chance to have an easy, confidence building win. Every other team we play is either going to kick our butts or maybe he can claw and scratch our way to another skin-of-our teeth win. Nothing will come easy for this team- or it’s fans.

- Rooting for your team should be fun. I can’t say that it is. I’ll keep doing it. But I’m not having fun. Are you?
- Rooting for your team should be fun. I can’t say that it is. I’ll keep doing it. But I’m not having fun. Are you?
I'm really struggling with this. I wasn't able to watch the game tonight, first one this season I've missed. Really bummed that we had such a nailbiter against a team that bad teams have pummeled.

This is not an enjoyable team to watch.
Regarding our corners, I can kind of forgive Keon if he got burned (didn't see the game, only followed the stats) because he's so woefully inexperienced. Kevyn Scott, however, has no excuse. The dude is a 5th year senior, his only excuse for getting burned so frequently is just not being very good.
I'm a Syracuse fan and I always have fun when the Cuse is playing. It is a lot more fun when my team is loaded with talent but this year's players are lacking in talent at too many levels to make the games enjoyable from the start to the finish. Every week this outfit struggles through extended periods where they can't seem to do anything well and our overall performance certainly makes it harder to enjoy watching them at times.

It is frustrating rooting for a team that gains less yardage than their opponent every week (the only one we have outgained this fall is Rhode Island). But it is a lot more fun following a school that is 4-2 than it would be if we were 2-4.

Go Orange!
- Rooting for your team should be fun. I can’t say that it is. I’ll keep doing it. But I’m not having fun. Are you?

i'd agree this team is tough to watch. especially if you happen to tune in to any other good college teams and watch how the good teams play. we are extremely undisciplined and quasi talented at best. 4-2 is good but it vastly overstates our relevance.
i am afraid we do not win anymore games i am not sure who we can beat-- sorry just not confident this year

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