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The Downside


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Aug 26, 2011
- We got off to a slow start, a chronic problem last year. It was 6-5 in the first five minutes.

- We had ten first half turnovers before settling down to 5 in the second half.

- Melo was 1 for 4, Keita who seems to be developing offensive moves faster than Fab, didn’t get a shot off and we got 4 points from the two of them.

- We shpt only 47% form the field. Not bad but we should have done better against an inferior opponent. The lack of an inside scorer and going 7 for 21 from the arc. We also hit only 61% from the line.

- I’m not sure it matters but Mookie Jones seems to be a little out of it. He’s actually reluctant to shoot and when he does the results have been poor. Get that degree!

- Carter-William’s first career pass was caught by an usher. Later he scored thanks to a goal-tend with seventeen seconds left in the half when JB wanted it held for the last shot. Fordham got a chance to top it with a last possession but didn’t score. But if they get a three, it’s -1 for us. Live and learn.
Mookie was sporting a bit of a beer belly when he popped off the bench ... I hope he does get his degree because it doesn't look like he'll be playing hoops anywhere. Oh well, he's a good kid and they players all like him.

One more Mook note ... I noticed during the pregame announcements for the starting lineup when players got called Mookie was waiting for them and had some sort of handshake/back bump thing with all the players. It was pretty cool and he seemed to enjoy it. Everyone played along except for Triche. For some reason Triche don't play those kiddie games ... not sure why but found it odd, Mookie just gave him a pat on the ol' back.
Didn't see you in your usual place last night. Have you moved or still recovering from Friday's debacle?
seems to me that there were several weaknesses that may determine 'Cuse success or not this season:
1. No touches for the Center/PF down low...few, very few passes into the paint
2. Lack of rebounding by the bigs overall...Triche with 7 was nice to see a guard get in there and fight...several of those off of own misses
3. Scoop seemed lethargic...and the offensive flow was not good in half court
--2 assts from lead guard is not good
--less than 50% assists overall is telling...too much one-one by everyone
4. Dion, good game scoring...that is what he does...and good to see
5. Triche must find the basket...even with 30% shooting he had 9 pts, led assts and rebounds...but he and Scoop need to get a flow to the team
6. KJ scored but most came off one-one...not from passes from any guard
7. Press was not good...two times two scores by Fordham...hmmm
8. Depth excellent...must find way to get an offensive flow going ala two years ago when we had assts of 60% or better...everyone needs to touch the ball
9. Scoop, Triche, Dion and MCW...better player on any given day will get more time...could lead to lack of consistent flow but sure provides competition
KJ showed an all-around game (3 pointers; slashes) that gives some hope he can be the guy. Dion and CJ also showed some strong individual moves. I understand what you are saying about "flow" but it is important that we develop those scorers who can beat the defense on their own.

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