The injury to Price |

The injury to Price


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Aug 14, 2011
A lot of people are focusing on the injury being a defining moment in the game and I definitely agree. However, there needs to be a distinction made between knocking a QB out in the course of the game and having a QB suspended before ever stepping foot on the field (ie LSU).

The second scenario falls into "luck" in my mind while the first is something else. Memory serves me that SU knocked WF's QB out for the season in the game in North Carolina and fortunes turned the exact opposite way that day.

SU was not lucky tonight because of the QB injury but they were fortunate a number of times during this game. Very big victory...

Our backup couldn't lead a terd to the toilet. He managed what 1 first down before that last 50s of regulation. He couldn't get our D off the field they were tired.
I disagree. I think the fact that we went to a hurry up was major. At that point our D was starting to find itself and figure things out and became very agressive. Tanner had one big throw and that was the bomb over the middle. His recievers made many big catches, were wide open on many throws, and our secondary was very bad till late. I think this is a young team and they will improve through the season.
I can't chalk something like that up to luck. Any Jets fan remembers when Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe, and we all thought that was a big beak...only to unleash the Tom Brady era. The Orange picked it up late in the game, even if it had the advantage of not facing the opponent's best QB.
Their backup is farrrrrrrr from brady, maybe his lawnscaper.

Brady wasn't Brady until he got his chance. I'm not saying Wake's backup is a stud, but don't chalk Tanner Price's injury up to luck either.
He was their starter last year until he gOt hurt.
Injuries are part of the game... In the 2006 SU v Wake game, starting QB Ben Mauk went down and back-up Riley Skinner entered the game.. Skinner never relinquished the job and led Wake to the ACC title. However, with that being said, I think losing Price cost Wake the game... and thankfully Cuse took advantage!

Bottom Line... I'll take a "W" any way we can get them!
Tanner Price played into the 4th quarter, and as well as he played Wake never put the game away even though SU struggled mightily on offense in the first half. Wake will miss Price for the rest of the season, and they probably would have won the game if he stays healthy. However, the hold on the same play he was injured was a very costly penalty.

The first Wake TD was a great throw and catch where Kevin Scott blitzed and Givens beat P. Thomas, and then after being beaten P. Thomas fails to tackle Givens. Price's second TD was a great throw and catch to Campanero over Shamarko, but that just looked to me like a great offensive play.

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