The mess that is the SWAC conference |

The mess that is the SWAC conference


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Aug 26, 2011
So its not secret that I watch this conference. What a cluster this year for their post season.

This year is a bizarre one. The number 1, 4, 9, and 10 seeds are NOT eligible for the NCAA tournament, but yet everyone will play in the conference tourney (probably because they’re desperate to sell tickets and Southern and Pine Bluff help them do that).

NCAA gave the SWAC a special exemption to give the NCAA bid to the eligible team that makes it the farthest. If there’s a tie, the best seed gets it.

So the likely conference semifinal on Friday between 2 seed Texas Southern and 3 seed Alabama State is really for the NCAA bid, assuming the other semifinal includes ineligible 1 seed Southern and 4 seed Pine Bluff.

SWAC Champ you just won your league's automatic bid for the NCAA Tournament and will be playing in March Madness what are you going to do next?

We are going to Dayton!!!
This was a big year for the Super Wonderful Awesome Conference. This was the first time in many years they are actually close to catching anybody else in terms of conference RPI. They are right on the heels of the MEAC.

Only 5 sub 300 teams in RPI, 6 sub 300 teams out of 10 in KP. Everybody else except Southern is between 251-300. And this is an improvement over prior years.

But alas the streak of being the worst conference in America will continue, with a little shame at the end.
That is incredibly interesting. What a weird scenario.
Ghost said:
That is incredibly interesting. What a weird scenario.

Texas southern (coached by mike davis) had basically a free pass to the ncaas had southern made the finals because they would have been the highest seed eligible. Now they will have to actually beat a team (as well as make it to the finals) to get the bid.
3 of the teams are out for too low APR.

Southern is out for not even submitting an APR report. How is that possible.

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