the only two people who get this is boeheim and whitlock |

the only two people who get this is boeheim and whitlock

all the rest are fighting for attention.

that roach claims she called both the spd and trunfio and both claim they don't remember a thing.

I like Roach's claim that they all had the same thought at the same time or whatever she's saying. I knew I had to call Bobby, Bobby knew he had to come forward, and unbeknownst to us his brother-in-law was calling ESPN at the same time! My word what a boatload of coincidences!

If this was about justice and nothing but it, then they would have went after Bernie for the allegations at his house first off.

How do you go to the university first over the police?
How does Bernie stop allegedly molesting on the road?
How do you sell your fanhood so easily ready to destroy the basketball program?

How do you try to discredit JB's name on tv by saying he saw you but then go back on that fact? Unless you want the university involved. He barely listed facts about Bernies house he really tried to list the facts on the road though. That was to make sure the university would be convicted in the future.
He had no beef with JB.

Why do you go on ESPN without a lawyer or ongoing investigation without making any money from it?
How does Espn allow this on tv without a ongoing investigation (money)?
How do you cry its all for the kids? I imagine that means his kids. Is he legally able to see them? If not maybe hes buying them with money. far nothing is proved against Bernie...and nothing is proven not to be true...of course we want Bernie to be totally exonerated...but lets not go over board until we know 100%...I for one do not know 100%...but I do and have supported Bernie...but lets not rush to judgement either way.

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