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The Pre-Conference Games: Net Points


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Aug 26, 2011
Net Points
(points + rebounds + assists + steals + blocks minus missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and personal fouls)

Eastern Washington Oshae Brissett 25NP in 29 minutes
Morehead State Paschal Chukwu 22NP in 28 minutes
Connecticut Jalen Carey 22NP in 38 minutes
Oregon Jalen Carey 14NP in 36 minutes
Colgate Tyus Battle 22NP in 26 minutes
Ohio State Tyus Battle 15NP in 40 minutes
Cornell Oshae Brissett 22NP in 40 minutes
Northeastern Oshae Brissett 27NP in 33 minutes
Georgetown Tyus Battle 19NP in 39 minutes
Old Dominion Elijah Hughes 13NP in 35 minutes
Buffalo Oshae Brissett 20NP in 38 minutes
Arkansas State Oshae Brissett 20NP in 33 minutes
St. Bonaventure Tyus Battle 30NP in 33 minutes
Comment: 5 different players have led the team in Net Points: Brissett 5 times, Battle 4, Carey in both New York games, Hughes and Chukwu. Should that be our starting line-up?

A breakdown by category, with comments:

m = minutes per game.
The rest are per 40 minutes:
p = points
r = rebounds
a = assists
s = steals
b = blocks
+ = p + r + a + s + b
mfg = missed field goals
mft = missed free throws
to = turnovers
pf = personal fouls
- = mfg + mft + to + pf
NP: + minus – (Net Points, the theory being that each stat is worth an average of 1 point in it’s impact on the game)
OE: p – mfg – mft (Offensive efficiency: how many missed shots on the way to their point total)
FG: NP – OE (How are they helping when not trying to score?)

The players listed are the recruited players, (a term I use instead of scholarship players because walk-ons can be given scholarships but they weren’t recruited by the coaching staff to come here.

Tyus Battle 170 total NP
35.3m 20.4p 3.3r 1.9a 1.5s 0.2b 27.3+ 7.1mfg 1.6mft 1.5to 2.3pf 12.5- = 14.8NP 11.7OE 3.1FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
37.2m 21.6p 3.1r 1.7a 1.8s 0.4b = 28.6+ 9.9mfg 0.8mft 2.1to 2.2pf = 15.0 = 13.6NP 10.9OE 2.7FG
Comment: Battle is Battle. He’s shooting with more accuracy, perhaps because he’s taking fewer three pointers and more two pointers. He’s a scorer more than a long-range shooter.

Oshae Brissett 170 total NP
32.4m 17.1p 10.2r 2.5a 1.3s 0.9b 32.0+ 8.9mfg 2.3mft 1.8to 2.8pf 15.8- = 16.2NP 5.9OE 10.3FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
37.0m 19.8p 13.0r 1.5a 1.4s 0.7b 36.4+ 10.8mfg 2.0mft 1.9to 2.3pf 17.0 = 19.4NP 7.0OE 12.4FG
Comment: Oshae is still a very productive player, arguably our best player when he’s ‘on’. But he hasn’t bene ‘on’ as consistently as last year. His scoring a rebounding, the “big ticket items” of net Points are both down. He actually has more assists and fewer missed shots but that could be the result of more tentative play.

Elijah Hughes 140 total NP
32.2m 18.3p 5.3r 2.0a 1.7s 0.8b 28.1+ 7.7mfg 1.1mft 2.7to 3.3pf 14.8- = 13.3NP 9.5OE 3.58FG
Hughes hasn’t disappointed anyone and he’s not just an offensive player. The thing is, we are smaller with him in there instead of Dolezaj and Marek’s development seems to have stalled because of Hughes’ playing time. You can’t play 6 guys.

Frank Howard 35 total NP
25.0m 9.2p 2.1r 5.9a 3.0s 0.2b 20.4+ 7.5mfg 0.4mft 2.5to 3.9pf 14.3- = 6.1NP 1.3OE 4.8FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
36.8m 16.5p 3.9r 6.7a 2.5s 0.3b 29.9+ 8.6mfg 1.3mft 4.4to 2.7pf 17.0- = 12.9NP 6.6OE 6.3FG
Comment: Frank’s just not the same player. He can still pass but he can’t score and can’t help us on the boards as he did last year. He does have fewer turnovers because he’s trying to do less. He has more fouls because he’s having a harder time covering people.

Jalen Carey 67 total NP
18.8m 12.8p 5.7r 3.6a 2.3s 0.5b 24.9+ 5.7mfg 1.8mft 4.4to 1.1pf 13.0- = 11.9NP 5.3OE 6.6FG
Comment: Carey looked dazzling in New York, less so since. He’s no “one-and-doner” but he could be a big part of the future in this program and that includes the ACC season.

Paschal Chukwu 89 total NP
18.8m 8.7p 11.5r 0.2a 2.0s 3.6b 26.0+ 1.3mfg 1.8mft 1.8to 6.4pf 11.3- = 14.7NP 5.6OE 9.1FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
25.3m 9.2p 9.6r 0.4a 1.6s 5.1b 25.9+ 1.8mfg 1.9mft 1.9to 4.5pf 10.1- = 15.8NP 5.5OE 10.3FG
Comment: He’s playing less, (he may be dealing with an injury that affects his mobility and jumping ability). He’s actually rebounding better but he’s blocking fewer shots and like Sidibie and Dolezaj, he’s committing more fouls. That means he’s not getting to where he needs to be on defense.

Marek Dolezaj 51 total NP
18.8m 7.4p 5.7r 2.8a 1.6s 0.5b 18.0+ 1.6mfg 1.0mft 1.5to 5.6pf 9.7- = 8.3NP 4.8OE 3.5FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
23.7m 8.8p 9.7r 3.1a 1.8s 1.6b 25.0+ 2.6mfg 1.6mft 2.3to 4.5pf 11.0- = 14.0NP 4.6OE 9.4FG
Comment: His positives have declined across the board and he’s committing more fouls. It’s largely because he’s having to play out of positon at center, both because Chukwu and Sidibie haven’t gotten the job done and we are playing smaller teams and because with Hughes in the line=up, playing center is the way to get Marek onto the court. But he may not get as much of a shot in the ACC games against bigger centers.

Buddy Boeheim 11 total NP
12.9m 12.3p 3.4r 3.7a 1.1s 0.0b 20.5+ 11.5mfg 0.8mft 2.3to 2.8pf 17.4- = 3.1NP 0.0OR 3.1FG
Comment: Buddy’s value is almost totally in his shooting but he’s missed so many shots his OE is zero.

Bourama Sidibe 37 total NP
11.5m 10.1p 11.1r 1.3a 1.9s 2.1b 26.5+ 3.2mfg 3.2mft 1.3to 9.1pf 16.8- = 9.7NP 3.7OE 6.0FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
15.4m 9.9p 9.4r 0.5a 2.3s 2.3b 24.4+ 2.1mfg 3.4mft 3.4to 7.5pf 16.4- = 8.0NP 4.4OE 3.6FG
Comment: Bourama hasn’t made much of an impression yet this year. His performance is basically similar to last year except his fouls have gone from bad to terrible, which is disappointing. That’s aobut positioning and he has regressed there. I still think he has more talent than Chukwu but he hasn’t shown it this seaosn so far.

Robert Braswell 22 total NP
6.2m 19.5p 10.8r 3.2a 2.2s 1.1b 36.8+ 2.2mfg 2.2mft 7.6to 1.1pf 13.1- = 23.7NP 15.1OE 8.6FG
Comment: To use a G-Rob term, Braz, (let’s not call him ‘Bras’), is certainly showing flashes. He’s got some good players ahead of him. Normally a freshman’s biggest challenge to getting more playing time is defense but Braz isn’t committing fouls and he is getting steals and blocks so he seems to be positioning himself well. His big problem is turnovers: 7 in 37 minutes so far.

Howard Washington 4 total NP
3.3m 0.0p 16.0r 4.0a 0.0s 0.0b 20.0+ 4.0mfg 0.0mft 0.0to 0.0pf 4.0- = 16.0NP -4.0OE 20.0FG
Last year in the pre-conference season:
4.6m 4.0p 5.3r 4.0a 0.7s 0.7b 14.7+ 6.7mfg 0.7mft 2.0to 2.0pf 11.4- = 3.3NP -3.4OE 6.7FG
Comment: Howard’s season is done. Perhaps he might re-merge as a veteran guard on future teams but there’s more guards in the pipeline. He may have been recruited over. We’ll see but not this year.

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