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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Cornell was determined to do to us what Colgate has been doing: the meek inheriting the Dome. Not this year. Cornell kept coming at us and wouldn’t let us run away with the game but we held off every rally.

- It was an exciting old-fashioned basketball games, back and forth on the court and on the scoreboard, wide open basketball with players displaying their skills instead of getting tangled up in that pack-line defense and whatever that was Georgetown, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Louisville used to play against us. This was the basketball I grew up with.

- Sometimes our defense was bad but other times it was good. We wound up with 9 blocks and 9 steals. We made a good adjustment to take away their corner jumper than was killing us. Cornell was averaging 86 points per game and that would have beaten us. They got 70 and we won by 11.

- Judah Mintz didn’t have Reece Beekman and company all over him and came back to score 28 points. The thing is, only part of that came off of his famous drives. He made 5 of 7 three pointers. They have a flat trajectory, (it was amazing to see Cornell players tossing up rainbows while Judah threw lightening bolts at the basket), but they go in. I don’t think the drive, flip and flop game will work in the NBA. He’ll have to learn to set up his teammates more – and make threes. He’s doing that now.

- Chris Bell had an ‘on’ game, hitting 5 of 10 threes and scoring 19 points. He could yet become this team’s Preston Shumpert/Demetris Nichols. He had a very active first half with 3 rebounds and some aggressive defense. But he had no rebounds in the second half. Sometimes the light goes on. Sometimes it doesn’t. But you can see the player he could become to be.

- This was the first game both Bell and Justin Taylor were both scoring. Justin led the team in net points with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists a block and steal. Can he do that against ACC power forwards?

- Quadir “Stat Sheet” Copeland sure filled it up with 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 assists – and 4 turnovers and 4 fouls. He’s never dull.

- Maliq Brown had 12 rebounds and one of everything else- assist, steal and block, except for points. It seems strange that Maliq would get the ball 12 times and never score.

- Kyle Cuff had a lousy game overall but he made a huge block late in the game to help us hold onto the lead.

- To those who think Coach Autry may be too laid back, you should have seen him tear into Maliq for a couple of bad plays on either end during one first half time out. He knows how to make his point.

6-3 with 22+ to go…


Net Points

This year I’m going to make things a bit easier on myself and just list the net points in each game after the Upside. Once a month I’ll do a deeper dive into the numbers rather than doing a “Net Points, etc.” post after every game. ‘Net’ points is the positives (points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks) minus the negatives, (missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and fouls committed).

Justin Taylor 23NP in 35 minutes
Judah Mintz 19NP in 28 minutes
Chris Bell 16NP in 32 minutes
Quadir Copeland 11NP in 15 minutes
Maliq Brown 10NP in 28 minutes.
Naheem McLeod 6NP in 12 minutes
Kyle Cuffe 3NP in 15 minutes
JJ Starling 1NP in 35 minutes

Recruited players who did not play: Peter Carey, Mounir Hima, William Patterson, Chance Westry, Benny Williams
Last night it appeared anytime we made a conscious effort to drive to the hoop it was an easy lay up.

We needed to do that way more than relying on the 3 ball especially from folks like Kyle and JJ.
We limited the dumb shots by the wrong people to 4-5.. and one of those went in.

At least we saw an attemp by a big to make an inside move.

We had a huge size advantage and none of the guards or forwards even attempted to post up.
Felt so good to see our threes dropping. Benny could be a better contributer than JJ or Cuffe. JJ is the teachers pet. Taylor should be at the 2 and Benny up front. That was Taylor's coming out party. Cuffe and JJ should be glued to the bench. Their net points compared to playing time is probably the most lopsided in Cuse history. JB would never have allowed that. McLeod is not ready for ACC play. Hima is stronger, a better rebounder and defender.

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