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The Upside: Georgetown


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Aug 26, 2011
- It was 5:36PM and Georgetown still sucked!

- Just another typical Syracuse-Georgetown game. I will be sorry to see this series go. Both teams showed plenty talent and plenty of guts. You knew it was going to come down to the last shot.

- Tyus Battle is Mr. Big Shot. He hit one tonight and beat them last year as well. And don’t forget the Clemson game two years ago. Where there others?

- Actually there were plenty of others tonight: in the second half Tyus hit 7 of 10 field goals and 5 of 6 free throws for 21 points. He wound up with 26 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 assists. He is our leader.

- Elijah Hughes also had a big part in getting us going. He had 11 second half points and 15 for the game. He hit three huge threes, including the one that gave us to lead at 50-49. He also had 6 rebounds, 2 assists a steal and a block.

- Oshae Brissett went to the basket aggressively and barely missed a double-double with 12 points and 9 rebounds.

- We finally ways to get the ball to Paschal Chukwu and made all three of his shots for 8 points.

- Marek Dolezaj didn’t put up a lot of numbers and got overpowered by Jesse Govan in the middle. But he’s the one who took the charge with 10 seconds left that got us the ball for the big finish. We couldn’t have won it without him.

- Jalen Carey had to play 23 minutes due to the foul trouble Frank Howard was in and responded with a big three that bled in, an exciting block of a corner jumper and four assists.

- Howard was limited by fouls and by his slow recovery from surgery but he had 4 of our 10 steals in this game. And steals were a big part of our 14 fast break points and 19 off turnovers.

- We don’t have a post-up scorer. We can’t win just with three pointers and 25 foot drives to the basket. We have to beat the other team down the court, as we used to do when we were college basketball’s equivalent of the Showtime Lakers. I was heartened to hear Jim Boeheim agree: “We can’t play slow. We have to play faster and get the ball up the court. It helps our whole team.” It’s at the 10 minute mark:
I hope we see more and more of it as the season progresses.

7-2 and with 22+ to go

I have seen numerous Georgetown-Syracuse basketball games when I lived in Maryland (1975-2005).Today’s game reminded me of those games Syracuse won in that time period. One team would have a real good first half followed by the other team making a comeback in the second half and one team would win by a bucket in the closing seconds of the games. Used to drive me nuts and I often wondered why I never had a heart attack during those games. Today’s game was not as bad because it looked like Georgetown was blowing away Syracuse which was having such a terrible first half that I did not feel like Syracuse could make a comeback. After Syracuse did take the lead and grew it for awhile, Georgetown came back to take the lead and then lose it the closing seconds.

Georgetown showed that they have a good team/talent, a good coach (yes, Ewing) and coaching staff (obligatory Louis Orr plug) and will be battling hard in most of their games. I will miss these games if the rivalry series ends.
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