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Aug 26, 2011
- We always, (almost) seem to have somebody step forward to “save our bacon”. Tonight Tyler Ennis and CJ Fair were the whole show, or at least the good parts of it. They scored 37 of our 57 points on 17 for 35 shooting. The rest of the team was 7 for 25.

- Ennis made a big comeback from his dreadful 2 for 13 game against Duke but seeing CJ make some jumps shots was the most encouraging thing in the game. That’s part of his game and it had been AWOL since the first Duke game. He’s still struggling from three but finally made on of them, too. He was 47% form the arc last year. This year he’s only 27% and has almost stopped trying: he hasn’t made two treys in a game since Villanova and the one tonight was his 9th in 16 games. He’s a complete offensive player and we need him to be that.

- Baye Moussa Keita played 30- minutes with Christmas in foul trouble and Grant out. He scored his usual 2 points but had 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and a steal.

- Michael Gbinije tried hard to duplicate his game at Duke but couldn’t make things add up for him. But I liked his aggressiveness, going 1 for 2 from three point range and trying a difficult dunk. He had 4 points, an assist, a block and a steal. He’s a talented player and we will need him to blossom if we are going to have a good stretch run. He has to play well, which he did not do tonight. But he can’t be timid and he wasn’t.

- There was a Tyler Roberson sighting. He had a point, a rebound and a steal in 5 minutes.

- It may sound strange but I felt this was the one win we had to get on this road trip. Winning at Duke is hard and winning at Virginia will be hard. I didn’t want this team to suddenly go into a free-fall as Ohio State and Wisconsin did earlier this year, after their first loss. The BC game was particularly damming because it happened just before this critical road trip. Now there will be no four game losing trip. I’m hopeful that we can beat the Cavs but we badly needed to get this on first and we go it- barely- but we got it.

- Now we get a break in the schedule: five days until the Virginia game, three days until Georgia Tech, five days until Florida State, four days until the ACC tournament starts. The players need this. The coaches need this. The fans need this. I NEED THIS!

26-2, (13-2), with 3+ to go

Let’s Go Orange!

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