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Aug 26, 2011
- I’ve always said that there are two things we want from each game: To win and to emerge from the game feeling like we’re going to win some more. You can have discouraging losses that make you wonder if you can beat anybody. You can have losses where we played well and looked like we could beat most anyone else, (i.e. a “moral victory”, a ridiculous term: what would an immoral victory be?). You can have wins that make you wonder if can beat anybody else, (like the Cornell game). Or you can have games like tonight where we won and looked good doing it. We took on a dangerous team with an outstanding perimeter game who had beaten teams as good as Alabama and we beat them easily.

- We held a team that was averaging 73 points per game and had recently scored 96 to 47 points on 34% shooting, 21% from the arc.

- We also hit the boards aggressively and out-rebounded them 43-29. We were also +4 in turnovers so effectively we had 18 more possessions than the Huskies.

- We scored 72 points despite our starting backcourt going 2 for 12 from the field. We ran our offense much more effectively, taking advantage of the high post, moving the ball around and in and out against a zone. We had 9 three pointers to their 6. I don’t have any numbers but a team’s shooting percentage from three when the ball goes inside first is probably twice what it is when they pass sideways to a three. Not only is the shooter more open but he doesn’t have to turn to catch the ball. He can remain focused on the basket and go right into his shot.

- Oshae Brissett was completely dominant, as he should have been against this kind of team, scoring 21 points and pulling down 14 rebounds. He was very aggressive driving to the basket and very confident in his shot, a total contrast to the zombie who wore his uniform in New York.

- Elijah Hughes, who had his own mysterious performance against Cornell was back to being his athletic and versatile self, scoring 17 points, including three treys, grabbing 4 rebounds and passing for 3 three assists while also getting a block and a steal.

- Paschal Chukwu was into the game from the start for a change, scoring 8 points and pulling down 7 rebounds in 22 minutes. he converted an alley-oop and dunked for the first time this year. He also had 2 blocks and a steal.

- Marek Dolezaj continues to be shy about shooting (1 for 1) but wasn’t shy about rebounding, (5) or assisting (a couple of fancy ones from the high post). If there was a guy on the floor grabbing the ball, it was him.

- Buddy Boeheim hit an early three and finally started to relax. He was in the middle of the action when we broke the game open with a late first half run. He wound up with 11 points, (including 3 treys) in 18 minutes, a picket fence of one rebound, 1 assist and 1 steal and a big smile on his face.

- I was impressed with Robert Braswell, who made a three that barely rippled the net, hit two free throws and grabbed 2 rebounds in 5 minutes. He might have had a spectacular alley-oop but Chukwu though the high lob was meant for him and it bounced off his hands.

- Facing a team that wasn’t used to playing zone, (they did it because of their personnel shortage), we went to the alley-oop early and often and also made Leo Rautins-like passes from outside directly to the basket. I don’t know how much we’ll use those passes in the future but it was fun to see them again.

6-2 and with 23+ to go


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