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Aug 26, 2011
- I don’t care who. I don’t care where. I don’t care how. I don’t care by how much. Just win baby! We need them and we need a lot of them.

- That said we beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame by coming back from 10 points down to ten points up. That’s pretty good.

- It was old fashioned basketball, the kind we grew up with. Run up and down the court, set up jump shots, a lot of which go in, go for the rebounds and loose balls. You know…kinetic basketball. The offense actually worked and the talents of the individual players had a chance to be full displayed.

- And our “big three” displayed them. Elijah Hughes had his best game so far with 22 points, including 6 threes, many at just the point we needed them) and 10 rebounds. I’ve bemoaned the lack of playing time of Marek Dolezaj at forward because I felt his development was key to the team and that has been suspended by playing out of positon or not at all. But Hughes is such a talent you can see that we’ve got to have him out there. I would have liked to see Hughes as part of two rotations, (similar to the Triche-Jardine-Waiters group at guard in 2012). I could see Brissett, Hughes and Dolezaj at forward and Battle Hughes and Howard or Carey at guard. Hughes could get starter’s minutes that way and Dolezaj’s development could continue. But anyway you cut it, we need Hughes out there.

- Oshae Brissett nearly matched him with 19 points, 11 rebounds, (both had 23NP). He hit three big threes as the team went 12 for 29 (41%). A couple of his late rebounds were pulled in by long, over the head stretches.

- Tyus Battle had 17 points, including the length-of-the court drive that gave us the lead at 31-29 with 3:37 to go in the first half, a strong rebound and lay-up-up that made it 53-47 and the jumper that made it 67-59 in the second half.

- Jalen Carey came in in the first half and got us going on both ends with a beautiful lay-up, (I hope they got a picture), a steal, and an assist to a Hughes trey.

- Frank Howard had a poor game, shooting 3 for 9 and not guarding three point shooters. But he hit two threes of his own, including the clincher that made it 70-59 with 57 seconds left.

- Our centers continued to struggle but got 15 rebounds in 44 minutes, leading us to a rebounding edge of 10. We were down to Bourama Sidibe for the last 6 minutes of the game. he responded with 4 rebounds and a block, all important to our closing out the game.

- Our defense was terrible early: 20 points surrendered in the first 7 minutes on open jumpers and lobs, a rate of 114 points for the full game. But after that we gave up 42 points in 33 minutes, a rate of 51 points. Move your feet and move your hands!

- Take a look at the ‘Downside’. Despite all of that, we won an ACC road game by 10. What happens when all the players are healthy, play to something close to their abilities and we get an even break form the refs? We are starting to win and our ceiling is well above us yet.

- Hey, good buddy! We’re 10-4!

10-4 and with 17+ to go

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I just got back from out of town tonight and just watched the recording of the game. (What a delight to watch a game where you already know you’ve won!) What a world of difference rebounding makes! Especially offensive rebounds.

I also read that the players said that they came to practice hours early and stayed hours late to practice their shots. (Lucky for us that school is OUT of session!) That was heartening to read. As many have commented, they seemed like a real team out there today.

Loved your “Convoy” clip!
As for the first half defense; I was definitely disappointed that we gave up multiple lobs. Not as disappointed by the threes because so many of them were 4-5 feet beyond the arc.
Nit to pick - our C's did NOT "lead us to a rebounding edge".

Yes - our 3-headed C monster pulled down 15 boards. In a vacuum, that's solid.
Their 2 guys pulled down 20. Mooney had 14 himself.
-5 isn't an edge.

Our rebounding edge came from Hughes and OSB, both with dub-dubs.
Plus Tyus got in there and scrapped for a few boards too - which we desperately need him to do for us, as he should have a physical advantage vs. almost any guard he's going against.
love carey's speed. yes i understand his legs are fresh but he gives us an octane boost.

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