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Aug 26, 2011
- I got in the car, drive to the Dome, took the shuttle bus from Manley, walked across campus, went through security, entered the Dome, took my usual pit stop in the men’s room, bought my usual Dome Dog, peanut M&Ms and water, climbed to my seat, settled down and looked out at the teams warming up and realized, with satisfaction, that it was actually Saturday, just as I had suspected.

- It wasn’t all bad. We had a 12-0 run late in the first half and led most of the game. The key to that was that we got the ball to our best guy. Tyus Battle couldn’t get the ball through most of the first half as we weren’t moving it much and settled for three pointers. We got the ball to Tyus and he scored 8 of those 12 points. He got a lot of defensive attention after that and his teammates didn’t pick up the slack but he still wound up with 23 points.

- During the post-game show, Matt Park reported that Battle, after a tough, physical loss so disappointing that you could hear the pain in his voice during the locker room interview, was back on the court practicing his free throw shooting. Hopefully, the rest of the team will follow his example.

- Elijah Hughes scored 15 points, was not one of the culprits from the foul line, (he made 5 of 6), and had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and a couple steals.

- Much of the post-game talk was about how we got out-muscled by the physically strong and aggressive Monarchs and that didn’t bode well for playing an even better, stronger and more aggressive Buffalo team on Tuesday. That’s correct but maybe playing such a team will be a good thing because the team will realize how physical and aggressive they need to be to win a game like this. The one thing that would erase the foul taste of this game would be to respond with a victory over the Bulls.

7-3 and with 21+ to go


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