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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Although I wasn’t impressed with the early effort of the team I thought they got it going later and continued playing hard even when the score got out of hand.

- Some more young guys played, most important Jacobian Morgan, who was 7 for 7 form the field and directed a touchdown drive. His 7 completions produced a modest 57 yards (8.1 a shot) but that was still better than Rex Culpepper’s 85 yard son 15/27, (that’s 5.7 per completion and 3.1 per attempt. I was most impressed with a play where he scrambled LOOKED AROUND and threw an off-balance pass that nonetheless went right to the receiver and was very catchable. Neither Tommy DeVito or Rex Culpepper has shown the ability to create on the run. Jake did that in his first real possession. I would not be upset if Rex starts next week but I want to see Morgan long before the fourth quarter and I want to see Markiewicz, too.

- Cooper Lutz had a fine game with 81yards in 15 carries and 4 catches for 25 yards.

- Ten guys caught passes including a 31 yarder to Ed Hendrix and Damien Alford’s first career catch.

- Garrett Williams led the team with 9 tackles, including a sack. He’s the real deal.

- Lee Kpogba had a good game against his hometown team. He loves to hit.

- Nykeim Johnson returned two kickoffs for 24 yards and a punt for 26 yards. He’s going to take one all the way pretty soon.

- Boogie Basham didn't Boogie. He not only lost his streak of games with tackles for a loss- he wasn't credited with a tackle at all. Matthew Bergeron was the guy on him much of the time.

1-6 with 4(?) to go


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