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Aug 26, 2011
- A 20 point conference road win is always a job well done.

- Several players we haven’t been able to rely on had decent games. They laid off Jerami Grant to guard our main guys and Jerami responded with a double-double. Tyler Roberson played with confidence and aggression. Baye Keita pulled down 9 rebounds. Tyler Ennis hadn’t hit a three pointer since the St. John’s game but he nailed three of them tonight and looked good doing it. We need to be able to respond when the other team decides to take CJ Fair and Trevor Cooney away from us.

- And they really didn’t take CJ and Trevor away. CJ had a poor first half with 5 points on 2 for 7 shooting but came on strong in the4 second half with 12 points on 6 for 10 shooting. It was clear JB ordered the team to go to the conference’s pre-season player of the year. Cooney wasn’t red hot but hit three big treys and also drove to the basket to score. We had four double-figure scorers to their one and that’s a recipe for victory.

- We continue to play great defense, limiting the Hokies to 52 points. You can play great defense game in and game out, wherever you play. It’s the offense that comes and goes.

- Ennis’ assist to turnover ratio was 7-1. Ho-hum.

- Tech had been out-rebounding their opponents by 7 per game. Yet we owned the boards 41-25. They are primarily a three point shooting team yet we shot 9 for 22 (40.9%) form the arc and they shot 7 for 24, (29.2%). It’s always nice when you can take what the other team does best and do it better than they do it.

15-0 with 16+ to go

Let’s Go Orange!
CJ had no turnovers and Silent G continues to hit from the outside. He is now at 50% from beyond the arc but has only taken 14 shots. He needs to take more shots when he is open instead of passing.
For me Ennis and MikeG taking and making open 3's with confidence was huge for us moving forward.

Rebounding was a very good team effort especially with all the deep 3's they jacked and our defense was pretty good over all. Baye rebounding well makes a huge difference for us over all on the boards. When he grabs them we rebound well when he bats them around we struggle to control the defensive glass.

I was also very impressed with Roberson's minutes he's looking like he belongs out there.

Its still hard to quantify just how great a player Ennis is as a PG right out of the gate and to watch him tweak and improve his already senior like pg play is almost silly.
Fair got back to his signiture move. He made the pump fake, one dribble and jump shot move over and over, and every one of the shots in the second half was a perfect swish.

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