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Aug 26, 2011
- Another easy win over an over-matched team. But this time last year we were complaining that we never seemed able to pull away from anyone. Our best teams have had that extra gear that removed any doubt about games like this one and this has that gear. Last year we led Colgate at halftime 46-8 and won 100-43 in an uncharacteristic performance. This year Colgate actually took a 2-6 lead and when they reached 8 points that all we had, too, (at 16:40). The rest of the half was SU’s 44-11, including a 19-1 run achieved in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. That’s what the really good teams do.

- The run was initiated by some great defensive play by Baye Moussa Keita who had 3 blocks, a steal and 6 rebounds in only 15 minutes of play.

- We pressed well and played man for man well, making 17 steals, forcing 9 other turnovers and blocking 8 shots against a physically overmatched team. It will be interesting to see what we do defensively next week against some good opposition.

- It will also be interesting to see if James Southerland continues his run against better competition. He’s been our most productive player so far, scoring 55 points in 83 minutes and playing well in all aspects, (he had 4 steals tonight). He ahs a history of playing well against bad teams then fading against the good ones. Stay tuned.

- Dion Waiters is another scoring machine. He led with 16 points tonight and has 55 points in 87 minutes.

- Scoop Jardine isn’t shooting well but he finally seems to be settling down and realizing all he has to do this year is run the show.

- We used everybody but Donovan McNabb in this game, (19 guys). That “bench points stat that always seemed to look bad for us in past seasons is the opposite so far this year, (70-9 in this one).

- They kept the chair next to JB empty for the game. Hopefully it will be filled again soon.

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