They saw it all: Bill Mathis


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
BILL MATHIS (born December 10, 1938) 6-1 220 fullback
Bill was a career guy with the titans and the Jets. His big year came when no one cares: he rushed for 846 yards and scored 7TDs for the Harry Wismer’s 1961 New York Titans, despite breaking his collarbone in game three. Every year I got AFL football cards to go with my NFL cards. And every year I got a Bill Mathis card. And every year he had a football in his hand, moving toward the camera with a confident smile on his face. His confidence was finally awarded when the jets won Super Bowl III. Bill only gained 208 yards as a back-up fullback for that team but he did score 5TDs. He carried the ball three times in the Super Bowl and caught three Joe Namath passes, gaining a total of 22 yards, presumably with a smile on his face.


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