They Saw It All: Ernie Wright


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Aug 26, 2011
ERNIE WRIGHT (November 6, 1939 – March 20, 2007) offensive tackle
Ernie came out of Ohio State and signed with the Chargers, for whom he played from 1960-67. Then he was a Cincinnati Bengal for their inception in 1968 until he returned to the Chargers in his last year, 1972. “Chargers Hall of Fame coach Sid Gillman called the tandem of Wright and Hall-of-Famer Ron Mix "The best pair of offensive tackles in pro football." (Wikipedia)

He later became a player agent and then an official of the player’s union before he died of cancer in 2007.

I found no highlight film or interview with Ernie. Such is the life of an offensive lineman.

He is the last of the 20 players who “saw it all” in the AFL from 1960-69. Here’s a list for convenience:

George Blanda, 1960-66 Houston Oliers, 1967-69 Oakland Raiders
Tom Flores, 1960-66 Oakland Raiders 1967-68 Buffalo Bills 1969 Kansas City Chiefs
Jack Kemp, 1960-62 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers, 1962-69 Buffalo Bills
Jackie Lee, 1960-63 Houston Oilers, 1964-65 Denver Broncos, 1966-67 Houston Oilers, 1967-69 Oakland Raiders
Babe Parilli, 1960 Oakland Raiders, 1961-67 Boston Patriots, 1968-69 New York Jets

Running Backs
Billy Cannon 1960-63 Houston Oilers, 1964-69 Oakland Raiders
Paul Lowe 1960-67 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers 1968-69 Kansas City Chiefs
Bill Mathis 1960-69 New York jets

Gino Cappelletti, 1960-69 Boston Patriots
Don Maynard, 1960-69 New York Titans/Jets

Offensive Linemen
Wayne Hawkins, 1960-69 Oakland Raiders
Ron Mix 1960-69 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers
Jim Otto 1960-69 Oakland Raiders
Ernie Wright 1960-67 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers, 1968-69 Cincinnati Bengals

Defensive Linemen
Jim Hunt 1960-69 Boston Patriots
Paul Rochester 1960-62 Dallas Texans, 1963 Kansas City Chiefs, 1963-69 New York Jets

Larry Grantham 1960-69 New York Jets
Harry Jacobs 1960-62 Boston Patriots, 1963-69 Buffalo Bills
Paul Maguire 1960-63 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers 1964-1970 Buffalo Bills

Defensive Backs
Johnny Robinson 1960-69 Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs

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