This broadcast is awful |

This broadcast is awful

I gave up hope for the broadcast when the color commentator said "that was clearly a goaltend" early in the game. It's fine that he didn't see one of our guys tip the ball before it hit the backboard, but don't be so sure of yourself... especially when you're wrong.
Don't know what's worse, the camera angle or the commentary.

Also, when Roberson sprints 94 feet and beats the defense down the floor on several consecutive possessions, could we try to pass him the ball?

Camera seems like it's a mile away.
ACC is definitely a downgrade in broadcast talent. The C team used to be Dickie Simpkins. We've got no history with these guys. And they don't know much about us.
This is very very bad. Why don't they just say "We are openly rooting for Wake Forest, there, now that we have that out of the way..."
Bad camera angles, shot clock difficult to read, font for score board is all the same size, broadcasters come from the Tobacco School of Journalism
To borrow from Bill W "this is the worst broadcast in te history of broadcasting"
The color guy was straight up GIDDY about Ennis' minor ankle injury.
Col. Bleep said:
I believe Werme is an SU alum.

He said he was ... From the late 80s Sherman, DC, Seikaly era. But said he's only met Boeheim once. Seems like too many years in ACC country.
This was like the Doug Logan of Wake Forest. Total homer and he knew nothing about Cuse.

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