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UpDown: Clemson II


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Aug 26, 2011
The Upside

- You might think PJ Hall had a much better game than Maliq Brown. But the box score shows Maliq had 23 Net Points to PJ’s 17. Maliq had a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds. PJ had 25 points and 7 rebounds but he also had 4 fouls 3 turnovers to Maliq’s 3 and 1 and missed 8 shots to Maliq’s 2. But PJ dominated in the first half as Clemson built up a lead they never surrendered.

- Our starting line up was 2 for 12 from three but our two reserves, (Copeland and Cuffe), were 6 for 10. What does that hold for the future? I don’t know but I’ve heard it said that Copeland’s form is actually really good, despite his previous troubles from the arc.

- We got killed on the boards last time, 24-41. Tonight it was only 26-33, despite Schiefflin’s 16 grabs.

- 20 regular season wins for the first time in a decade is still a good accomplishment. Let’s just see how many more games we can win, even if it’s in the NIT.

20-11 (11-9) with + to go…


Net Points

This year I’m going to make things a bit easier on myself and just list the net points in each game after the Upside. Once a month I’ll do a deeper dive into the numbers rather than doing a “Net Points, etc.” post after every game. ‘Net’ points are the positives (points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks) minus the negatives, (missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and fouls committed).
Maliq Brown game: 23NP in 40 minutes; season: 465NP in 907 minutes = 20.5NP/40m
Quadir Copeland game: 8NP in 28 minutes; season: 285NP in 684 minutes = 16.7NP/40m
Judah Mintz game: 8NP in 40 minutes; season: 438NP in 1,051 minutes = 16.7NP/40m
JJ Starling game: 6NP in 27 minutes; season: 300NP in 1,067 minutes = 11.2NP/40m
Chris Bell game: 5NP in 37 minutes; season: 249NP in 826 minutes = 12.1NP/40m
Kyle Cuffe game: 4NP in 13 minutes; season: 41NP in 297 minutes = 5.5NP/40m
Justin Taylor game: 0NP in 15 minutes; season: 167NP in 717 minutes = 9.3NP/40m

Did not play:
Peter Carey game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: -2NP in 70 minutes = -1.1NP/40m
Mounir Hima game: 0NP in 0 minutes season: 7NP in 45 minutes = 6.2NP/40m

Chance Westry game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m

Out for the season:
Naheem McLeod game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 108NP in 202 minutes = 21.4NP/40m

Red Shirting:
William Patterson game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m

Left team:
Benny Williams game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 99NP in 307 minutes = 12.9NP/40m

Brent Axe:

The Downside
- Clemson has beaten us twice because they are the better team. If we play them next week, the result will be the same. We have no center and they have one of the best. We can’t give Maliq help because they have too many other weapons.

- We also have no answer for Schieffelin. Our center is in Morgantown. The four guys we brought in to replace him have given us basically nothing. Our power forward has had to play center while a small forward plays power forward. That’s been what our season has been about. Thinking ahead: if Freeman is so good he has to start and we still have Brown and Bell, what do we do? I’m just hoping that McLeod and Patterson develop into quality defenders so they will be options against someone like Hall.

- I asked the question on the radio today: would we be better off if Joe Girard had stayed, in which case JJ Starling might not have come here? I think we are better off with JJ because he is more versatile and has two more years of eligibility. But Joe Girard as a 5th year senior not being asked to do anything outside of his skill set. As such, his impact on these games has been greater than JJ’s. He’s in the perfect place and doesn’t regret his move a bit.

- It was said often when he was here that you could take Joe out of the game very easily – just put a guy in his face. Joe, in the two games, was 10 for 14 from the field and 8 for 12 from the arc and scored 39 points. Our big gun, Chris Bell, was 6 for 19, 5 for 14 and scored 23 points.

- Clemson had no problem stopping those passes to Justin Taylor on the baseline. He never got a shot off in 15 minutes.

- Clemson’s starting backcourt outscored our star-studded one, 30-39. Their starting frontcourt out-scored ours, 19-48. That’s pretty hard to overcome.

- Judah Mintz, after a shaky stretch at the line in mid-season, had had a pretty good run going, going 34 of 38 over 5 games but now the rim is getting fuzzy again. He’s 14 of 21 in the last two games.

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