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UpDown: Florida State


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Aug 26, 2011
The Upside

- Thought Judah was going to score 40 points. They could not guard him one-on-one.

- Maliq Brown weighed in with 8 points, 12 rebounds, and an assist, a steal and a block.

- Benny Williams only scored 4 points but had 8 boards and 2 assists and a block in 18 minutes. He was playing center when Maliq needed a blow, with the exception of 3 minutes we got from Hima and Carey.

- We had 6 blocks.

- We looked pretty good for 24 minutes. Too bad games last 40 minutes.

- Win the next one and we’ll feel better.

13-6 (4-4) with 12+ to go…


Net Points

This year I’m going to make things a bit easier on myself and just list the net points in each game after the Upside. Once a month I’ll do a deeper dive into the numbers rather than doing a “Net Points, etc.” post after every game. ‘Net’ points is the positives (points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks) minus the negatives, (missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and fouls committed).

Judah Mintz game: 17NP in 39 minutes; season: 273NP in 616 minutes = 17.7NP/40m
Maliq Brown game: 15NP in 32 minutes; season: 276NP in 485 minutes = 22.8NP/40m
Benny Williams game: 7NP in 18 minutes; season: 75NP in 233 minutes = 12.9NP/40m
Kyle Cuffe game: 4NP in 17 minutes; season: 26NP in 219 minutes = 4.7NP/40m
Chris Bell game: 3NP in 28 minutes; season: 107NP in 463 minutes = 9.2NP/40m
Mounir Hima game: 2NP in 1 minutes; season: 7NP in 24 minutes = 11.7NP/40m
Quadir Copeland game: 2NP in 15 minutes; season: 185NP in 402 minutes = 18.4NP/40m
Justin Taylor game: 1NP in 12 minutes; season: 116NP in 477 minutes = 9.7NP/40m
Peter Carey game: 0NP in 2 minutes; season: 0NP in 30 minutes = 0.0NP/40m
JJ Starling game: -3NP in 36 minutes; season: 160NP in 640 minutes = 10.0NP/40m

Chance Westry game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m

Out for the season:
Naheem McLeod game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 108NP in 202 minutes = 21.4NP/40m

Red Shirting:
William Patterson game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m

The Downside

- After a couple of fine ACC wins, we forged a 46-39 lead and I thought we were taking control and would get a real winning streak going. The rest of the game was 23-46 and the Seminoles first wiped out the lead, then established a lead of their own and then just continued to extend it until it reached 20 points at 65-85 and we had another one-sided loss.

- Several sources had mentioned the fact that Florida State presses all the time, (I thought nobody does that, JB?) and, with the injuries and foul trouble we had, we just ran out of gas. SU teams seem to start seasons with good depth and then have inadequate depth and then no depth by the end of the season.

- Quadir Copeland came into the game and immediately committed two fouls. We didn’t see him again until the second half and he never really became a factor in the game, playing 15 minutes and scoring 5 points with 4 rebs and a steal. Kyle Cuffe played well in his stead but he’s not Quadir Copeland.

- Judah Mintz had 10 points and 13 assists vs. Miami and we won by 3. Judah Mintz had 28 points and 3 assists vs. Florida State and we lost by 16. I think it was so easy for Judah and JJ to get by people to score, that became our offense. In the second half, Leonard Hamilton put two guys on Judah, (or whoever had the ball out front), and our offense stopped.

- We were 1 for 14 from three after being 22 for 49 in the previous two games, both of which we won. Again, threes are much easier to make when the ball goes inside first, then back out. The defense follows the ball inside so the shooter is wide open and he’s already facing the basket when he receives the pass. It matters. In this game, drives were designed to score and treys tended to come from “ring-around-the-rosie” or “creating your own shot and they were well-defended and we didn’t make them.

- Justn Taylor attempted one two point shot in 12 minutes and missed it. He came here as a reputation as a shooter, a Buddy Boeheim look-alike and play-alike. Red said that “he’s got to shoot his way out of it”. Instead, he’s climbed down and hole and pulled it in after him. He used to make up for it with rebounds, but he’s stopped doing even that. He had 2 tonight and the same amount vs. Miami.

- Chris Bell was 2 for 9, 1 for 6 from three. He had three rebounds at halftime and still has that amount.

- JJ Starling was our only double figure scorer other than Judah but he was 4 for 14 and 0 for 5 from three. He also had no assists. The team went from 19 assists vs. Miami to 7 tonight.

- They also went from 8 turnovers to 16. Our formula used to be to break even on the boards and have an edge in turnovers. We turned that around tonight, winning the boards by 3 (38-35) but losing the turnovers by 7, (16-9).

- We missed 11 free throws, 8 in the first half. We could have a substantial lead. Would that have changed the end result? I would have liked to have found out.

- Our losses have been by 16, 19, 22, 20, 36 and now 16 points. That makes it hard to convince people, (including the NCAA committee) that we aren’t a pretty mediocre team. It may not matter how many games we win.

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