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Updown: Niagara


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Aug 26, 2011
The Upside

- We’ve completed the non-conference schedule with a 9-3 record, (really 9-2 because one of the three is a conference loss to Virginia). Looking over the period of our mediocrity, (2014-15 onward) we’ve been 8-4, 10-3, 8-5, 11-2, 9-4, 8-5, 7-2, 7-5 and 8-4 at this point. The 10-3 team had those three losses to unranked teams. The 11-2 team had one loss to a ranked team, as did the 7-2 team. This year, all our losses have been to ranked teams and we are going into conference play having won 4 games in a row.

- Niagara was a feisty team, playing hard all the way and had good talent, despite their record. They had the inevitable three point guy having a career game. But we won by 12 and were up by double figures virtually the entire second half.

- Web assisted on 22 of our 33 baskets. Despite the sloppy play at the end, we wound up with only 8 turnovers in a fast-paced game.

- Maliq Brown keeps getting better and better. He was 6 for 6, including a three pointer (!) and 2 for 2 from the line for an immaculate 15 points and a double-double because he also had 10 rebounds for 26NP.

- Quadir Copeland scored 12 points and also had 8 assists.

- Kyle Cuff was assigned to Mr. BumbaLough, who made his first three threes and also a two point jumper for 11 of his team’s first 13 points. He was 3 for 9 from deep and still scored 15 more point points after that but at least he had some company. Kyle wound up scoring 7 points himself to go along with 3 assists, 2 blocks, 2 rebounds and a steal.

- Justin Taylor found the range for three second half treys, helping us to hold onto that double-figure lead and scored 11 points.

- Judah Mintz was Judah Mintz with 18 points, 4 rbs, 4 assists and 2 steals. He was also Judah Mintz in other ways, as well.

8-3 with 22+ to go…


Net Points

This year I’m going to make things a bit easier on myself and just list the net points in each game after the Upside. Once a month I’ll do a deeper dive into the numbers rather than doing a “Net Points, etc.” post after every game. ‘Net’ points is the positives (points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks) minus the negatives, (missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and fouls committed).
Maliq Brown game: 26NP in 24 minutes; season: 146NP in 265 minutes = 22.0NP/40m
Quadir Copeland game: 13NP in 24 minutes; season: 120NP in 231 minutes = 20.8NP/40m
Judah Mintz game: 13NP in 26 minutes; season: 179NP in 368 minutes = 19.5NP/40m
Justin Taylor game: 11NP in 28 minutes; season: 97NP in 341 minutes = 11.4NP/40m
Kyle Cuffe game: 10NP in 18 minutes; season: 22NP in 144 minutes = 6.1NP/40m
Chris Bell game: 6NP in 16 minutes; season: 72NP in 311 minutes = 9.3NP/40m
Naheem McLeod game: 5NP in 13 minutes; season: 102NP in 186 minutes = 21.9NP/40m
Benny Williams game: 3NP in 12 minutes; season: 33NP in 110 minutes = 12.0NP/40m
JJ Starling game: 3NP in 36 minutes; season: 112NP in 413minutes = 10.8NP/40m
Mounir Hima game: 0NP in 3 minutes; season: 8NP in 15 minutes = 21.3NP/40m
Peter Carey game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 2NP in 12 minutes = 6.7NP/40m
William Patterson game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m
Chance Westry game: 0NP in 0 minutes; season: 0NP in 0 minutes = 0.0NP/40m

The Downside

- Coach Autry was seething at his press conference. The team coasted and got sloppy at the end of the game. Niagara didn’t have the run in them that could have turned the game around but Adrian clearly wants to establish that this team is supposed to play hard – and smart – right to the finish of games. We really haven’t put a good 40 minutes together and that’s what they need to do to make a run in the ACC and make the NCAA tournament and AA isn’t going to accept less, which is an upside withing the downside.

- Autry and Mintz exchanged some words near the end of the game after Judah had consecutive turnovers and didn’t get back on defense. Judah then refused to shake hands, which was an immature thing to do. Hopefully, it’s just a ‘heat of battle’ thing and the lesson will be learned.

- Naheem McCloud grabbed 5 rebounds and blocked 2 shots in 13 minutes. But he hasn’t made a field goal in the last three games. The coach made a good point that Brian Higgins also made when I called into his show: it’s not always a question of who should start. It’s about who is going to be better coming off the bench and who do you want to finish the game. Naheem isn’t the type to give us a spark off the bench. If he can get off to a strong start, he’ll play more. But it’s getting harder and harder to wait until Maliq get the signal.

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