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USC is beatableNot supermen


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Aug 26, 2011
I won't be easy but its doable and we own the 4th quarter Show them what us easterners can do web we get pissed. Give them a dose of Dorian and Gulley down their throats I'd love for one of our guys to grab a Pick 6 and bring towards me please.:)
I really hate USC. always have. I'd love to pull the upset. Besting Kiffin would be sweet too. He's such a tool.
I have definitely downgraded my worried factor for this game. I think we are just as good as Minnesota if not better and they had a shot at this game.
USC is big and talented and poorly coached. as the game showed the talent can make plays and then sleep for long periods..
Their secondary looked lost in the 2nd half, we have better receivers (IMO) than Minnesota, if we can protect up front and give Nassib time in the pocket we should be able to do some damage with Van, Dorian and Alec
Its not gonna be easy by any means, but I definitely think we have a chance against them, like this thread is titled, USC is not the USC of 5-7 years ago
BTW sorry if I've been a ghost around here lately
After watching their performance today I think we definately will be keeping it close and may be even win.
Perfect result. They are vulnerable but they didn't lose. We want to be the first team to beat them, not somebody else. Of course, Minnesota maybe caught them on the right day and for us it might be the wrong day. But I still have to ask: where is the evidence that Lane Kiffin is a good football coach?
It's still very early in the season so let's not get carried away. That being said, USC can be beat and if we do, it will be at least as big as when we went into the Big House and beat Michigan with McNabb!
I would feel better if there was no Barkley-Woods connection.
I am torn. Who do I root for in USC vs. ND? Can't the earth open and swallow both?
USC's DL were monsters and the Minny QB's were running for their lives.

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