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We getting votes on Monday?

That’s absurd . Also, we have fewer losses than Ohio state AND we beat them at their place—yet they still get 5 votes. Also, Washington has beaten no one of note (no offense to Hop). Indiana is coming apart at the seams. Zona State has a few very good wins (like we do) but the same Q3 losses we have. Well, we’ll be back in the poll after we beat Va Tech on Saturday.

Just remember you are looking at the coaches Poll. It trails much more slowly than the AP voters because some voters use the exact same poll as the prior week for the current week, and change a few things at the top. Teams come in more slowly on the coaches poll, and leave more slowly on the coaches poll. It has been like that forever. Ohio St, Arizona and Indiana are nowhere to be found in the AP poll.
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Wow shocked we got such little love. Sort of makes me think we are held to different standards and get punished more for losing to a lesser team than other teams would. All those teams ranked in the 20s or just outside would be ranked top 10 if they won @ Duke. Not sure we will even get ranked if we beat VT and Miami. Who cares though win those 2 and there is no bubble talk whatsoever this year down the stretch.
Also its cool they are still putting us on the primetime Saturday night game on ESPN regardless of the disrespect.
VTech got wood shedded by UNC so you know they are going to play their A game Saturday.

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