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Week 14 FBS Games for Dec 1-2

I want to agree with this but herein lies the problem with these declarative statements. You, me, and 80% of this country said just TWO NIGHTS ago that Washington will be “slapped around pretty easily” by Oregon. Vegas even agreed. We think we know but sports are funny like that. This FSU could absolutely stay with every other playoff team listed. They MAY get slapped around but we have no clue. That’s why, undefeated, they have to be included.

And their QB2 would be back for the next game.
Dang it ..you made my point Better than I did. We Don’t Know who is better so the doubt has to benefit the team with zero L’s
The BCs era was better
How come? We had undefeated P5 conference teams getting left out during that era.

I think the playoff is SO much better.
If Bama doesn't get in I'm sure the committee will make it up to the SEC by putting at least 5 in next years playoff.
If the playoff were this year Iowa might make it and would be a lock if they hadn’t had that game stolen by the refs.

5 SEC teams will probably be the only way to make the first couple of rounds watchable. ND will make it and get blown out every year. No P12 will make the field redundant and boring. ACC just isn’t that good this years FSU team with Travis would have been competitive but they are going to fall off next year and SMU might be the team to beat.

If FSU gets in it won’t be good for the ACC they will lose by 30+ the backup stinks too. Can’t Travis do a Rodgers and heal in time?
How come? We had undefeated P5 conference teams getting left out during that era.

I think the playoff is SO much better.
Nothings perfect. This season it would make the most sense to have Washington and Michigan just play on a neutral.

It's all just a money grab. We certainly don't need to go to 12 teams when most seasons we can't fill a 4 team playoff with teams that can actually win the tournament.
so to be clear.. if your retirement savings had to be bet on FSU and they had to win how far down the rankings do you have to go to feel like they would win, not could win..

I dont think PSU is all that good. They beat LSU once so maybe there. In a fist fight last night I dont know that they beat Iowa until the QB comes back

so somewhere between 10-15 is the teams I think they are better than.
I was the naive one.
Your logic was correct. It’s just that ”they” want the ACC gone..like they did the PAC 12…and at the end of the day, that’s want the decision was based on
There have been plenty of blowouts in the CFP history. That’s a stupid reason to justify not including a team that quite obviously should be in.
I guess but they are by far the worst team. Going to get pumped. Sucks (I guess I could care less about the ACC) because they wouldn’t with starting QB.
So I’m assuming then the “best team” argument champions would have voted Alabama in even if they lost to Auburn the week before and were a two loss team? I mean is Alabama really any better or worse whether or not they complete a Hail Mary ?
I was the naive one.
Basically college football is now like figure skating and gymnastics., you go out there in your cute uniforms .. do some stuff.. and then some suits give you a score rather than the actual scoreboard mattering

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