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What are the top 5 bowl games on your personal radar


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Aug 20, 2011
For me
1. Syracuse/Minnesota

2. FSU/Auburn ( although i cant stand either team )

3. Louisville/ Miami ( Bridgewaters last ? )

4. BC/Arizona ( BC win kind of validates our late season rise alonmg with win over minn. of course )

5. Mich St. / Stanford ( An old school type game )
1. Syracuse/Minnesota
2. FSU/Auburn
3. Clemson/Ohio State
4. Oregon/Texas
5. Mich St. / Stanford
Mich St/Stanford
Mizzou/OK St
S. Car/Wisky
1. syracuse vs minny. I'll be there!

2. Pittsburgh vs bowling green. I live in Pitt and live to root against them.

3. Clemson vs ohio st. I hove ohio st gets totally exposed.

4. Rutgers vs Nd. I love the pinstripe bowl,hate these 2 teams though.

5. Fsu vs. Auburn. It's for all the marbles! My gut tells me Fsu will win easy,hopefully it's watchable until the end.
1.) Syracuse v. Minnesota
2.) Florida State v. Auburn
3.) Michigan State v. Stanford
4.) Clemson v. Ohio State
5.) UCF v. Baylor - I'm not really sure why this matchup intrigues me.
Texas: SU/MN : Pretty obvious
NC: FSU/Auburn : Go ACC
Orange: Clemson/OSU : Go ACC
Chick-fil-A: Duke/TAMU : Go ACC
Potato: UB/SDSU : Im a SUNY grad, not from UB but still I feel a small twinge of loyalty when it comes to these guys for representing the SUNY system.
SU vs. Minny (have a friend who went to minny undegrad and GTech grad...I need to beat that guy at football in my lifetime!)
LSU vs. Iowa (married into LSU and interested to see their new qb, though scared)
FSU vs. Auburn
Clemson vs. OSU
GT vs. Ole Miss. didn't want to pick all the biggies, even though i think rose, sugar and cotton could all be great. I always think low/middle of pack SEC teams are a good proxy for those in other divisions so this will be a fun one.
1. Syracuse/Minnesota- Obvious
2. FSU/Auburn- NC title game most important
3. Clemson/Ohio State- ACC needs to the win for reputation and plus I hate Urban Meyer.
4. Duke/Texas A&M- I think this game will be the highest scoring game during bowl season as both offenses are good and have defensive weaknesses.
5. Mich St. / Stanford- Old School football, Grand Daddy Bowl and traditionally I always watch this game since I was young.
1. SU vs Minnesota - ACC/Big Ten matchup, no work that day, no other games on..and Syracuse is playing.
2. Auburn vs Florida State - National Championship, two extremely exciting teams.
3. Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss - Interested to see how Georgia Tech does against a solid SEC team, also attending the game.
4. Clemson vs Ohio State - Chance for ACC to make another big statement.
5.Fresno State vs USC - Opening day of bowls, girlfriend went to USC, top 25 matchup.
1) Texas - Cuse/Minn
2) BCS - FSU/Aub
3) Fri Jan 3 - Cotton Mizz/OSU & Orange tOSU/Clem - should be a good night of fipping
4) Pinstripe - ND/Rut - Love the game & setting, will hate-watch the teams
5) Potato - UB/SDSU - Gotta represent the ole alma mater
SU vs Minny
FSU vs Auburn
Oklahoma vs Alabama - Sooners are in big trouble
Clemson vs Ohio State - great match-up lets see what Clemson can do
Oregon vs Texas - good luck Greggers
1) Texas Bowl

Might watch a little of FSU/Auburn, but I've pretty much lost interest in any bowl game Syracuse isn't playing in. The last few years I was far more interested in the NHL game on New Years Day than in any bowl games.
SU/MUorUM who gives.
1- Texas Bowl - Syracuse VS Minnesota
2-National Championship-Florida State VS Auburn
3- Rose Bowl- Stanford VS Michigan State
4-Orange Bowl- Clemson VS Ohio State
5-Cotton Bowl-Oklahoma State VS Missouri/Las Vegas Bowl-Fresno State VS USC
I'd like to see the ACC go undefeated. Take all we can get right now as a conference.

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