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What is the recipe to produce a sustainable/winning program at CUSE?


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Mar 20, 2017
I suspect some of you will proclaim more NIL $$$ is the only answer however $$ aside...if you are AA right now....are you banking on Freeman and Moore staying more than one or two years? The way kids are leaving programs for 'greener pastures' I wouldn't count on anything anymore. Should AA start looking at transfer portal Seniors every year and just bring them in for one year and hope you get the right mix every few years? (akin to PayPalCal with freshman except with Transfer Portal seniors) What are your feelings on high school recruits anymore? What is the right mix? How would you build a winning program at SU in the current landscape?
Just curious what you all think. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out whether you attempt to do what he is doing keeping a few players and treating the Portal like 'free agents' in NBA to fill in missing pieces or if there is a better approach. We need to Billy Beane this thing! :)
I am gonna be honest...

I think the answers are still being formulated in a lot of ways in this new era of NIL and as NIL changes...
  • How can you provide an environment where kids want to stay more than a year or 2? What new benefits and incentives can you come up with to help keep the players you want to stay? (yes, more investment in facilities and bennies to differentiate/keep up with the Jones's - the never-ending ratrace...)
  • How do you combat misinformation from agents/handlers that are in the ears of these kids? (Lie 1: You just need to work hard for a year or so and you're definitely gonna be ready for the NBA/lottery. Lie 2: Go portal and get a bigger payday - grass is definitely greener on the other side...)
  • Conference realignment... the ever-evolving elphant in the room...
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we cannot compete payola wise with the big money schools. and i frankly don't won't to watch semi-pro ball . at least not at these prices . i'd rather watch SU competing against regional colleges within the same cap limits . football is football. hoops is hoops. and there will still always be a game on saturday. we probably won't be NCAA champions..but ... go cuse
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