Where do Super Bowl quarterbacks come from?


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Aug 26, 2011
I heard a discussion on the radio about the wisdom of recruiting Ohio State quarterbacks since they tend to flop in the NFL. I decided to chart the starting quarterbacks for the Super Bowls to see what schools had a strong track record of supplying the NFL with championship-level QBS. I’ll associate the Super Bowls with the NFL season for which they decided the championship rather than doing the Roman Numeral thing.

1966 Bart Starr, (Alabama) beat Len Dawson (Purdue)
1967 Bart Starr (Alabama) beat Daryle Lamonica (Notre Dame)
1968 Joe Namath (Alabama) beat Earl Morrall (Michigan State)
1969 Len Dawson (Purdue) beat Joe Kapp (California)
1970 Johnny Unitas (Louisville) beat Craig Morton (California)
1971 Roger Staubach (Navy) beat Bob Griese (Purdue)
1972 Bob Griese (Purdue) beat Bill Kilmer (UCLA)
1973 Bob Griese (Purdue) beat Fran Tarkington (Georgia)
1974 Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech) beat Fran Tarkington (Georgia)
1975 Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech) beat Roger Staubach (Navy)
1976 Ken Stabler, (Alabama) beat Fran Tarkington (Georgia)
1977 Roger Staubach (Navy) beat Craig Morton (California)
1978 Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech) beat Roger Staubach (Navy)
1979 Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech) beat Vince Ferragamo (California/Nebraska)
1980 Jim Plunkett (Stanford) beat Ron Jaworski (Youngstown State)
1981 Joe Montana (Notre Dame) beat Ken Anderson (Augustana)
1982 Joe Theisman (Notre Dame) beat David Woodley (Louisiana State)
1983 Jim Plunkett (Stanford) beat Joe Theisman (Notre Dame)
1984 Joe Montana (Notre Dame) beat Dan Marino (Pittsburgh)
1985 Jim McMahon (Brigham Young) beat Tony Eason (Illinois)
1986 Phil Simms (Morehead State) beat John Elway (Stanford)
1987 Doug Williams (Grambling) beat John Elway (Stanford)
1988 Joe Montana (Notre Dame) beat Boomer Esiason (Maryland)
1989 Joe Montana (Notre Dame) beat John Elway (Stanford)
1990 Jeff Hostetler (West Virginia) beat Jim Kelly (U of Miami)
1991 Mark Rypien (Washington State) beat Jim Kelly (U of Miami)
1992 Troy Aikman (Oklahoma/UCLA) beat Jim Kelly (U of Miami)
1993 Troy Aikman (Oklahoma/UCLA) beat Jim Kelly (U of Miami)
1994 Steve Young (Brigham Young) beat Jim Kelly (U of Miami)
1995 Troy Aikman (Oklahoma/UCLA) beat Neil O'Donnell (Maryland)
1996 Brett Favre (Southern Mississippi) beat Drew Bledsoe (Washington State)
1997 John Elway (Stanford) beat Brett Favre (Southern Mississippi)
1998 John Elway (Stanford) beat Chris Chandler (Washington)
1999 Kurt Warner (Northern Iowa) beat Steve McNair (Alcorn State)
2000 Trent Dilfer (Fresno State) beat Kerry Collins (Penn State)
2001 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Kurt Warner (Northern Iowa)
2002 Brad Johnson (Florida State) beat Rich Gannon (Delaware)
2003 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Jake Delhomme (SW Louisiana-Lafayette)
2004 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Donovan McNabb (Syracuse)
2005 Ben Roethlisberger (Miami U.) beat Matt Hasselbeck (Boston College)
2006 Peyton Manning (Tennessee) beat Rex Grossman (Florida)
2007 Eli Manning (Mississippi) beat Tom Brady (Michigan)
2008 Ben Roethlisberger (Miami U.) beat Kurt Warner (Northern Iowa)
2009 Drew Brees (Purdue) beat Peyton Manning (Tennessee)
2010 Aaron Rodgers (California) beat Ben Roethlisberger (Miami U.)
2011 Eli Manning (Mississippi) beat Tom Brady (Michigan)
2012 Joe Flacco (Delaware) beat Colin Kaepernick (Nevada-Reno)
2013 Russell Wilson (NC State/Wisconsin) beat Peyton Manning (Tennessee)
2014 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Russell Wilson (NC State/Wisconsin)
2015 Peyton Manning (Tennessee) beat Cam Newton (Auburn)
2016 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Matt Ryan, (Boston College)
2017 Nick Foles (Arizona) beat Tom Brady (Michigan)
2018 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Jared Goff (California)
2019 Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech) beat Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois)
2020 Tom Brady (Michigan) beat Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech)

Lets use a point system, 2 for winning the Super Bowl, 1 for being in it but losing and see how the alumni of each school rate:

17 -Michigan (all Mr. Brady)
12 - Notre Dame
11 - Stanford
10 - Purdue
8 – Alabama, California, Louisiana Tech
7 - UCLA
6 – Navy, Oklahoma, Tennessee
5 - Miami U.
4 - Brigham Young, U of Miami, Mississippi, Northern Iowa
3 – Georgia, No Carolina St., So Mississippi, Texas Tech, Washington St., Wisconsin
2 - Arizona, Boston College, Delaware, Florida State, Fresno State, Grambling, Louisville,
Maryland, Morehead State
1 –Alcorn State, Auburn, Augustana, Eastern Illinois, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana State, Michigan State, Nebraska, Nevada-Reno, Penn State, Pittsburgh, SW Louisiana, Syracuse, Washington, Youngstown St.
0- Many, including Ohio State.

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