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Who do you tend to fear most?

Non issue by me. I name them all Herman as I figured giving them a name would make us both feel more comfortable.

They have snuck into the garage and I get lucky every other try, prodding them out with a yard stick. It's fun! Definitely been snapped at but again, all with an ear to ear smile. Garter snakes. I could write a full National Geographic complete with gory pictures if I were to describe that fateful day for the frog...the frog was still alive (blinking its eye) as we caught Herman in mid engulf. My son was younger and asked if we should save the frog. I knew the answer was no and stuck with it.

Now if only I can convince my dog it is not worth the trouble going after Herman.
Magnum pi fan?
The Orange fear no one.

Let's get rid of even the language of mediocrity as Red leads the program back to the top.

The Wire Yo GIF

Dude just waltzes in and out of houses eating cookies and drinking milk, leaving you presents for being good.

What kind of sicko does that
Before the UNC game, I told my wife (a big Duke fan unfortunately) that while Duke is a very tough team for us to beat, UNC is a bigger obstacle. After our win, that got me thinking, was I right in saying that? Short answer... not really, but it's a mixed bag. Also, I kind of forgot about Virginia at the time.

We actually have a slightly better overall record against UNC than I originally thought (7-17). Also, the last seven times we've faced them, we've done okay (but let's not talk about the 103-67 drubbing). During this stretch, they've won 4 to our 3, and one of their wins was in OT.

Duke has been ugly as of late, I mean real ugly. We've lost the last 9 games (I didn't realize it had become that lopsided). Virginia isn't much better, with only one win in our last 11 matchups. Looking at three teams that have mostly owned us - UNC, Duke, and Virginia...

Overall Record: 7 wins, 17 losses
Home: 3-5
Road: 0-7
Conference: 3-11

Overall Record: 6 wins, 16 losses
Home: 2-5
Road: 2-6
Conference: 4-11

Overall Record: 6 wins, 14 losses
Home: 2-6
Road: 2-6
Conference: 2-12
* one interesting point (although maybe not terribly surprising) is that our average number of points against them is 60! Against Duke (70 points), and UNC (74 points).

Moving forward with Red as head coach, it will be interesting to see if we can play these three teams more competitively, particularly Duke and Virginia. My guess is yes.

This is what I fear most:

rats swarm GIF

As for basketball? We're syracuse- we "fear" no one.
spiders, giant desert centipedes, giant desert scorpions and regular scorpions.
I've had run ins with all of them including black windows, gila monster and rattlers. Also been within a foot or two of male caribou, moose and black bear. Been tracked by brownies twice and charged once, all in very remote areas (Senora Desert, North Slope and Yukon). Growing up in Yonkers I used to wonder where all the wild animals were.

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